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Importance of Resurrection (02:24)


The Creed declares Jesus was rose from the dead- Christianity's central claim. Resurrection affirms God's acceptance of Christ's sacrifice, and thus our salvation. Crucifixion and resurrection go together and should be regarded as a single event.

Misplaced Despair over Crucifixion (01:16)

Christ's victory over sin and death is already accomplished on the Cross, but it is hidden. The Apostles' hopes were dashed until the Resurrection.

Defeating Power of Death (01:55)

Faith starts with the resurrection. God's power shows itself through victory over Death, a power in its own right; life is stronger than death.

Physical Process of Resurrection (02:04)

The Resurrection is not a resuscitation; Jesus was genuinely dead in a way Lazarus perhaps was not. He was transformed, but did not rise a spiritual phantom.

Jesus' Resurrection and Ours (02:25)

Paul wrote that Christ would never die again, indicating that his body is not susceptible to death. We will one day have a body like that. A hymn celebrating the Resurrection closes the segment.

Ascent to Heaven (01:08)

Jesus' Ascension makes the Creed despite little New Testament mention; it answers the question "where is he now?"

What Heaven Is (02:29)

Heaven is not a place, but more like a different dimension of reality. Jesus goes to God's realm as an embodied human being. Heaven and Earth will be reunited.

Continuing Incarnation (02:25)

Christ does not return in his state before the Incarnation, but rather in his human body, still bearing the scars. Through Christ, we are also seated with God.

Symbolism of Right Hand of God (01:27)

Jesus at the right hand of God is figurative; God is everywhere. His being seated symbolizes that Jesus' task is completed.

Jesus at Right Hand of God (02:13)

Jesus at God's right hand combines a vision in Daniel 7 with a verse from Psalm 110, each of which involve someone placed at God's right hand. Jesus is God's "right-hand man," doing his will.

Jesus' Role at Right Hand (02:50)

Sitting at God's right hand means Jesus is restored to his place of power while retaining humanity. Jesus is our Advocate before the Father, mediating us to God and vice versa.

Preparing Place (01:11)

Jesus prepares a place for us, taking our humanness into divine glory. A hymn closes the segment.

Second Coming (01:50)

The Creed says Jesus will come to judge the living and dead. Jesus said he would come again, an expectation that was crucial for early Christians.

Second Coming and Jewish Expectations (02:19)

We have already been put right with God and given his Holy Spirit, but we and the world are imperfect, one of the reasons Jews have rejected Jesus' claim as Messiah. Christians hold that Jesus' return will put things right.

Kingdom Already Here (01:58)

Jesus claimed the Kingdom was already here, yet injustice continues. Jesus told a parable of wheat and weeds growing together until harvest. The Kingdom is here, but not yet consummated.

Linear History (01:32)

God's Creation of the world and promised return are for Christians the beginning and end of history, which is linear and purposeful.

Expectation of Jesus' Coming (02:37)

Jesus' return will be historical event, not just a spiritual one, yet expectations that it is near are best understood spiritually. We should always be expectant, but follow Jesus in the here-and-now.

Judgment (03:06)

The Creed says Jesus will judge the living and the dead. Modern people dislike the idea of judgment, but Scripture sees it as positive; God will vindicate the righteous against their oppressors.

Judgment Not Vindictive (01:56)

Judgment is not vindictive; we punish ourselves, and God does not coerce us into restoration. Christ judges by the standard of love.

Judgment as Revelation (02:13)

Judgment is revelation of our brokenness in the presence of Christ, whom we were created to be like. He judges us by the reality that he is, not out of retribution.

Justice of God's Judgment (01:37)

There are consequences of being found un-Christ-like. The justice of God's judgment is often questioned, but unlike human judges, God knows all.

Hope for Sinners at Judgment (01:48)

If we are sinners, how can we evade judgment? Luther wondered this, read Paul, and found that God gives him righteousness as a gift because of our faith.

Confidence at Judgment (01:08)

The judge is also our lawyer, giving us confidence and gratitude at judgment. Jesus tells us those who believe in him already have eternal life.

Cross and Salvation (01:29)

For the Christian who is justified by faith, judgment has already taken place at the Cross. God declares us righteous, according to the Forensic Doctrine.

Optimism About Judgment (02:10)

The last judgment should be understood in terms of love, not legalistic categories. The Christian knows he is a sinner but can confidently expect healing, not condemnation. A hymn closes.

Credits: The Last Enemy Defeated: The Faith We Confess (00:43)

Credits: The Last Enemy Defeated: The Faith We Confess

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The Creed declares that “on the third day he rose again from the dead.” What does it mean that Jesus was raised up, after death, by God? In this program, Christian theologians examine the tenet of Christ’s resurrection and what it means for human beings. Topics include the resurrection as victory over sin and death; the role of faith in accepting this belief; the implications of Christ’s transformation from physical death to a new spiritual life, and of his ascension; the imagery of “sitting at God’s right hand”;  Jesus as mediator between God and man; the Second Coming; Jesus’ reinterpretation of the hopes for a Jewish messiah; and different ways to understand what is meant by Judgment Day. Part of the series The Faith We Confess. (51 minutes)

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