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Smart Materials (01:05)


Materials that respond to changes in heat, light, pressure, and other stimuli—are opening up a world of possibilities in product manufacture and design. Experts outline the topics of this video.

QTC: 3D Touch Screens (04:00)

First discovered in 1994, quantum tunneling composite can turn gaming into a three dimensional experience. The harder you press QTC, the better it conducts electricity. QTC in touch screens ads an extra dimension of interactivity.

Pressure, A New Way to Find Files? (01:28)

An expert demonstrates QTC on a 3D representation of a track pad. Adding the dimension of pressure opens up new interactive possibilities.

A New Breakthrough (04:01)

QTC is only made in one laboratory. Scientists have recently created a clear QTC which has led to clear touch-pads. Increasing the number of conductive points in QTC can revolutionize interactivity.

Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) (01:02)

Shape changing wings are among the new concepts of flight capabilities. Using electrical current or heat to raise the SMA above its threshold temperature allows it to enter a super elastic state.

Muscle (Smart) Wires (02:21)

An expert demonstrates how elastic wire works. Some memory shape alloys also shrink by 5%, exerting a significant pulling force. A stove with created from shape-memory alloys helps keep dementia patients safe.

Tim's Cooker Knob Design (03:25)

An expert demonstrates how the automatic shut off feature of a stove, made from shape-memory alloys, works.

Organic Semiconductors (OLEDs) (03:15)

Organic light emitting diodes are a carbon-based polymer that transmits direct current; they make use of electroluminescence. OLEDs are more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional lighting.

Making OLEDs (02:33)

Organic light emitting diodes are manufactured in a clean room; a speck of dust can alter their function. An expert explains OLED manufacturing techniques, including evaporation and split-based coating.

Restricted Use of OLEDs (02:11)

Viewers witness a machine in the testing stage to produce sheets of OLEDs. Experts hope to change from a glass to a plastic background to make OLEDs more cost effective. Artists, car manufacturers, and architects are excited about the prospects.

Thermochromic Materials (03:05)

Liquid crystals change color at different temperatures. Chiller labels can be screen printed which makes them cost effective to manufacture. An expert explains the process for creating liquid crystal labels.

Watching the Temperature Range of Crystals (03:25)

Different liquid crystals change color at different temperatures. Combining different types of liquid crystals allows chemists to fine-tune the point of color transformation and the range it covers, essentially creating a thermometer. Microencapsulation stabilizes the crystals.

Understanding Chameleon Inks (03:14)

Chameleon inks are binary; they use fatty acids and color formers to enable a color to be revealed at a specific temperature. They are manufactured the same way as liquid crystals. Thermochromic inks are used in brand names and products to combat fraud.

Credits: Smart Resistant Materials (00:25)

Credits: Smart Resistant Materials

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Smart materials—materials that respond to changes in heat, light, pressure, and other stimuli—are opening up a world of possibilities in product manufacture and design. With extraordinary access to the latest developments in the field, this program shows viewers how smart materials are made and how they work, then looks at some of their most intriguing potential applications. Case studies include a stove with an automatic shut-off feature created from shape-memory alloys, aimed at keeping at-home dementia patients safe; fabrics with embedded organic LEDs that are vastly more energy-efficient than traditional lightbulbs; and quantum tunneling composites that allow computer touch screens to produce 3-D images, taking gaming to a whole new level. (36 minutes)

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