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Poverty, USA! (02:18)


America produces more billionaires than any other country. Only 5% of Americans believe poverty is an important problem. About 12% of Americans do not have enough to eat, are behind in bills, or suffer other material hardships.

America's Poor Children (01:33)

One-third of America's poorest of the poor are children--12 million of them. Factors that contribute to poverty are low educational level, significant number of minority and racial groups, lack of job skills, one-parent homes, and low income.

Factors Affecting Poverty (02:10)

Viewers learn the factors that create poverty, and different kinds of poverty such as elder poverty, child poverty, and multi-generational poverty.

Immigration Poverty (03:53)

The primary factor affecting an immigrant's assimilation into American culture is education. Poverty is epidemic among immigrants. Recent immigrants earn 1/3 less than their American counterparts.

Immigrant Stories about Poverty (02:59)

Latin American immigrants share their stories, their hopes, and the reality of living in America with few job opportunities.

Immigrant Living Conditions (02:52)

Living conditions for most Latin American immigrants are substandard. Six or more people often live together, as that's the way they can afford rent. Some of them move into abandoned houses and fix them up.

Immigrant Success Story (03:27)

Short term solutions to immigrant poverty include raising the minimum wage. Long term solutions focus on education in language and technical skills, to name a few. To achieve his goals, an African immigrant worked 60-80 hours per week while he was attending college.

Family Back Home (01:58)

Latin American immigrants share how they have adapted. Many have a goal of returning home in a better socioeconomic condition than when they left. It's not unusual for workers to send up to 90% of their wages back home.

A Father's Sacrifice (07:13)

Father of three daughters who live in Mexico, a man describes his different jobs, the first starting at a little over $5 per hour. He is now paid $8.50 per hour to drive a delivery truck. His family is completely dependent on the money he sends home.

Education for the Children Back Home (02:16)

A Mexican man stays in the U.S. so he can send money home. By doing so, he has put his son though school. He did not have these opportunities as a child. His daughter attends a private elementary school where she learns English.

Relationships (01:01)

Relationships based on mutual respect seem to be the springboard to motivate workers to seek more education. School in turn is a source of more friends.

Language Skills (05:27)

Immigrants understand the need for English language skills. Without these skills, they struggle to communicate with their English-speaking bosses, and they have no way of asking for raises or for other opportunities.

Hope for Immigrant Poverty (01:46)

As the numbers of immigrants increase, wages will drop. Poverty will continue to grow among immigrants and in the U.S. as a whole. Hope lies with the children and their education. Education can break the cycle of poverty.

Credits: Nouveau Poor: Immigrant Poverty (02:01)

Credits: Nouveau Poor: Immigrant Poverty

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The “golden door” exalted at the Statue of Liberty still beckons the world’s poor. Once inside the U.S., however, most immigrants accept a lifestyle that is anything but glittering. This program reveals the conditions in which an American newcomer, legal or not, struggles to earn a living, save money, and meet basic needs. Featuring interviews with numerous immigrants from Latin America and Africa, the film illustrates their experiences with entrenched racism, unfairly low wages, the lack of a social safety net, few if any economic resources, and crowded, substandard housing. These individuals also describe the goals that drive them—education and a better future for their loved ones—and the equally important work ethic with which the majority of immigrants approach their jobs. Several scholars contribute their expertise as well. A part of the series Poverty in America. (41 minutes)

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