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America's Obesity Epidemic (02:11)


This introduction familiarizes viewers with the upcoming video of obesity in America

A Public Health Crisis (02:03)

300 lb. patient, Henry Butler, visits the Cleveland Clinic where Dr. Phil Shower lists the many medical conditions he has due to being while preparing him for his bariatric surgery which will control his appetite.

Bariatric Surgery Can Save Lives (01:41)

Henry believes overindulging in fatty foods is what caused the weight gain and admits he did it to himself. An expert explains genetics can play a role in obesity, how some people are immune to it, and he refers to it as a disease.

Severe Obesity (01:43)

An expert explains how bariatric surgery has changed things significantly and Ken Thorpe predicts if nothing changes within 10 years over 42% of the U.S. will be obese and health care costs will double.

A Successful Procedure (02:24)

Expensive diseases and surgeries are caused by obesity. A bariatric surgery costs $30,000 and in most cases is not a procedure insurance covers. Viewers will get a close up look of the procedure as Dr. Showers performs the surgery.

A Relentless and Unforgiving Disease (02:23)

Henry receives great results only one month after his surgery. Henry's pains subsides, the amount of medications he takes are reduced, and he gets his self-esteem back. 64 days after his surgery, Henry died of a heart attack.

Introduction: Obesity in Children (00:18)

Introduction: Obesity in Children

Shorter Lifespan than Parents (02:12)

The Principal of Orange County High admits to selling unhealthy foods to the students three times a day in efforts to raise money for the school. Obesity rates among children have tripled and one out of three children are obese or overweight.

Heart Attack a Pediatric Disease? (02:17)

Dorice, a 15 year old 10th grader who weighs 250 lbs., speaks about being a pre-diabetic teen. Dr. David Ludwig explains other medical conditions that can arise when being a young, overweight, type 2 diabetic. Dorine's mother deals with guilt.

Advice from Health Advocates (01:53)

Experts believe combining corporate and personal responsibilities with political action will change the future of Americans. The spokesperson for Scott Faber answers questions and says they're making an effort to sell healthier products.

Change in Advertisement (01:55)

Junk food marketing is more sophisticated and Washington is taking action while Michelle Obama speaks out about child obesity. One of the top priorities on her list is changing the food menus. Dominoes Pizza CEO answers nutritional questions.

Schools Rejecting Processed Food (01:45)

The Rocket Ship Academy serves healthy lunches that are made by Revolution Foods. John Danner is concerned due to subsidy programs not covering the full costs of the food causing them to pay up to $50,000 annually.

Introduction: Pharmaceutical Break Through (00:10)

Introduction: Pharmaceutical Break Through

A Clinical Trial for Qnexa (02:04)

Meg Evans plays a soccer game at 61 years old. She tried diet and exercise before finding Qnexa, a clinical weight loss drug that controls the two mechanisms in the brain that trigger the desire to eat.

Vivus Pharmaceuticals (02:22)

Dr. Michell Look, a lead investigator for Qnexa, emphasizes on the importance of the drug being efficacious and safe. Meg Evans has successful results after taking Qnexa. The FDA rejects the pill due to safety concerns. Obesity is a growing issue.

Pressure to Approve Obesity Drugs (01:39)

Vivus is providing the FDA with information to prove the drug is safe. A Deputy Director of the FDA says the combination of Fen-Phen was not approved and Vivus says the side effects of Qnexa are minor.

Medications: A Useful Tool (03:25)

Chris Dickerson lost 70 pounds during the clinical trial of Qnexa. An expert explains the importance of exercise while taking a weight loss drug. The Classic Auto Group Owner educates his employees to help keep them healthy.

Obesity Costs More than Smoking (02:15)

Viewers learn about Lifestyle 180, a program that educates people on how to live a healthy life which saves companies a lot money in health care expenses. Bill Weldon encourages his employees to get in shape along with other companies.

Choosing to be Obese? (01:54)

Incentives are offered to employees and certain companies will not hire smokers. The CEO of Cleveland Clinic says he would not hire obese people if allowed. An expert explains the complex factors of a healthy or unhealthy individual.

A Mobile Workstation (01:59)

An endocrinologist explains why and how desk jobs are unnatural. He has created a desk with a treadmill and a few companies already use them. The expert believes many more businesses will be using this tool in the future.

The Biggest Loser (02:39)

Meet Jim who's walking a mountain carrying 400 pounds. Hear his story of quitting his job, moving from Wisconsin to Utah, and joining a program 4 times in order to lose weight. 200 pounds lighter, he feels confident and life is better.

Obesity is a Medical Condition (01:26)

Jim competes in a triathlon at the end of his eight week Biggest Loser Program. Obesity is taking a toll on young and old people and is becoming an epidemic.

America's Obesity Epidemic: Credits (00:40)

America's Obesity Epidemic: Credits

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Nearly two-thirds of American adults are overweight, and the rate of childhood obesity has tripled from a generation ago. It all amounts to a public health crisis—one that feeds a $60 billion industry spanning fad diets, medicines, reality TV shows, and more. This CNBC Original documentary reports on the war on fat as it unfolds in the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, and the realms of pop culture and personal health. With intimate profiles of Americans struggling to overcome obesity, some of whom have resorted to surgery, the program takes viewers inside the world of high-stakes drug research and behind the scenes at a weight-loss boot camp called The Biggest Loser Resort. Also explored: the crushing burden obesity has placed on the nation’s health care system and a belief growing in the medical community that America’s youngest citizens may have shorter life spans than their parents did. (44 minutes)

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