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St. Petersburg: Home of Hermitage Museum (03:23)


St. Petersburg is a city in Russia that was founded in 1783 by Peter the Great. It is known for its unique architecture and for its large collection of paintings, including many from the Renaissance period in the Hermitage Museum.

Pioneer Artists of the Renaissance (02:14)

Filippo Lippi was a painter in the Middle Ages who was trained in a Gothic atmosphere but was also influenced by the novelties being created by the Italian pioneers of the Renaissance, such as Leonardo da Vinci.

Renaissance Artists (04:25)

The Renaissance was a time of great artistic achievement, characterized by a renewed interest in the classical world and the development of new techniques and styles.

Renaissance Reflects Change (02:05)

The Renaissance was a time of great change in Europe. It was a time of new ideas and new ways of thinking. The Renaissance was also a time of great art.

Revival of Baroque Art (03:21)

The Baroque style of painting emerged in response to the disasters of the religious wars between the Protestants and the Jesuits of the Catholic Inquisition. It sought to depict the feeling of its models with emphasis and lyricism, often using exaggerated poses and intense gazes.

The Dutch Golden Age In Art (04:50)

The Dutch Golden Age was a time of great cultural, scientific, commercial and political influence in the 17th century. Rembrandt and El Greco were two of the most famous painters of the time, while Diego Velazquez and Francisco de Goya were two of the leading court painters. Claude Monet is recognized as one of the creators of impressionism.

Impressionism (06:51)

The characteristic of impressionism is to create depth, movement or light through small touches of light paint without using contours or flat colors.

Revisiting the Classical Genre (06:09)

The post impressionist movement was a reaction to the impressionist movement. It was more about the feeling and mood of the painting than the reality of it.

Origins of Modern Art- Gauguin (05:32)

Paul Gauguin was a French painter who was very inspired by Tahiti. He painted many paintings of the island and its people, and was eventually disillusioned by the arrival of westernization.

Matisse: Passion and Desire (03:31)

Henri Matisse was a French artist who is considered one of the pioneers of the Fauvist movement. He was quickly recognized by galleries in the early 20th century, but then returned to a more rigorous approach. His works from this period are characterized by simplified and precisely marked contours, and a concentration of his passion and the desire for this woman.

Cubism (02:00)

Picasso was one of the pioneers of cubism, which is a type of modern painting that breaks objects down into simple geometric shapes to create a more abstract image.

Kandinsky and Abstract Art (01:42)

Kandinsky's abstract paintings were the result of a long development, mixed with a spiritual impulse that he called an inner necessity.

The Russian Museum of Fine Arts (04:35)

The Russian Museum is the most important museum of fine arts in Russia. It was founded in 1895 and contains nearly 400,000 wax paintings, sculptures, and other decorative objects.

Credits (01:27)


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The Hermitage Museum is undoubtedly one of the richest museums of Western fine art. It contains impressive collections of Italian masters such as Fra Angelico, Lippi, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Raphael, Perugino, Titian, and Veronese. Dutch and German masters such as Rembrandt, Jordaens, Hals, Van Ruisdael, Vermeer, Cranach, Dürer, and Bosch, as well as Spanish painters such as Goya, Velasquez, Murillo, El Greco, Zurbaran, and Ribera, are also represented. Monet, Matisse, Renoir, Degas, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Picasso round out the modern collection at this museum.

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