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Tree of Life Synagogue: I. The Far Right - USA (05:09)


Hear police radio recordings from October 27, 2018. Survivors Rabbi Jonathon Perlman and Andrea Wedner recall the day a gunman opened fire during morning prayer murdering 11 Jewish people. Rabbi Jeffrey Myers was reminded that Jews will always be considered "other."

"God is a Racist": I. The Far Right - USA (05:17)

Journalist Andrew Goldberg visits State House candidate Russ Walker in North Carolina to understand why anti-Semitism is surging. Walker is an openly racist Republican running on a Democratic platform. Eric Ward explains how the end of segregation led to some white people to focus on Jews.

History of Blaming Jews: I. The Far Right - USA (02:32)

Jewish people have been blamed for killing Jesus since Biblical times; they are accused of creating capitalism and running banks and media. It is a conspiracy theory that a small group of people aim to destroy society. Former white supremacist Arno Michaelis explains who he targeted for recruitment.

Powerlessness: I. The Far Right - USA (06:06)

Former FBI agent and security director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Security Director Brad Orsini talks about active shooter training at the Tree of Life Synagogue preschool. Anti-Semitism spreads quickly on the internet.

MAGA: I. The Far Right - USA (05:36)

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer calls Donald Trump the first authentic nationalist in his lifetime. Trump has been accused of encouraging anti-Semitism; an increasing number of people feel emboldened to speak out or act.

II. Blaming the Jew - Hungary (05:04)

George Soros has been demonized by Hungary's far right populist prime minister Viktor Orban's propaganda campaign. He claims the Jewish Soros is responsible for sending Muslims into Europe.

Nationalism: II. Blaming the Jew - Hungary (04:44)

In 2010, Orban and his party came to power; he put allies in position to take over the government and media. Goldberg visits Agnes Heller, a Hungarian Jew, to learn about the campaign against Soros.

Rise of Xenophobia: II. Blaming the Jew - Hungary (04:44)

Peter Szego notes that Orban never speaks directly about Jews, but uses the word capitalism as a dog whistle in his anti-Soros campaign. He denies being antisemetic.

III. The Far Left - The United Kingdom (04:15)

Goldberg visits distant relatives Paul and Evey Marmot to learn about antisemitism in England. Parliament member Luciana Berger calls for the Labour Party to return to anti-racism.

Jeremy Corbyn: III The Far Left - The United Kingdom (04:54)

Police have investigated over 200 cases of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Goldberg speaks with former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone to understand anti-western, ant-capitalist sentiment.

New Antisemitism: III The Far Left - The United Kingdom (05:46)

Dame Margaret Hodge explains how a culture of antisemitism was born in the Labour Party from a mix of hating capitalism and America, Jews being white, and confusing Judaism with Zionism.

Danger of Fringe Movements: III The Far Left - The United Kingdom (04:43)

Anti-Semitism from the left uses historic tropes to exclude Jewish people. Corbyn stepped down as leader of the Labour Party after it lost the national elections in 2019.

IV. Islamic Radicalism - France (05:27)

On January 9, 2015 Jean-Luc Slakmon and 14 others were taken hostage at a kosher supermarket in Paris where he worked; he relives the event, The terrorist had pledged allegiance to ISIS while in prison and targeted the victims because they were Jewish.

Escalating Violence and Extremism: IV. Islamic Radicalism - France (05:19)

Slakmon continues describing the hostage situation; the terrorist had guns and explosives; see news footage. Abdelghani Merah has dedicated himself to fighting anti-Semitism since his brother killed three Jewish children.

Failed Integration: IV. Islamic Radicalism - France (04:34)

Many Jewish people in France have considered moving to Israel because they are afraid for their lives. Post-colonialism, many Muslim people moved to the country that once oppressed them; one third are antisemitic.

Growing Antisemitic Narrative: IV. Islamic Radicalism - France (04:20)

Slakmon still has nightmares about being held hostage and considers moving to Israel because of anti-Semitism in France. Some Muslims see it as their Islamic duty to hate and fight Jews. France has the biggest Muslim and Jewish communities in Europe.

Credits: Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations (02:47)

Credits: Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations

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Antisemitism in the US and Europe is worsening in ways not seen since the 1930s, mutating across cultures, borders and ideologies. Explore its infectious behavior through interviews with victims, witnesses, antisemites, and others.

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