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Introduction: Hawaii (02:11)


Hawaii is the most remote island chain on the planet and was formed by volcanos. Each island contains unique species and human cultures.

Humpback Whales (06:47)

Mothers swim from Alaska to raise calves in Hawaii. Newborns do not carry much insulated blubber. Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and consists of over 100 islands formed by volcanoes that still move.

"The Big Island" (06:12)

Hawaii Island has the tallest peaks in the state. Astronomers study the universe at Mauna Kea Observatory using laser-guided telescopes; astronauts prepare to work in space. The Wekiu bug eats insect corpses.

Maui (05:40)

Once barren lava fields, this island teems with smaller creatures. Waves up to 70 feet high break on the shoreline and feed nutrients to plankton. Manta rays somersault to maximize their catch.

Adaptation (03:31)

A flock of honeycreepers carried on a violent storm evolves into 15 species. Male flies demonstrate different mating rituals. The Eupithecia moth feasts on insects.

Shrinking Island (03:57)

Volcanos are dormant and extreme weather conditions are eroding Maui's peaks. Over eight feet of water can fall in a month. Gobies transform their bodies to travel up waterfalls.

Auau Channel (05:08)

Between Moloka'i and Lanai, humpback whales sing and compete to find mates. The female invites the males to chase her in a heat run.

Na Wahine O Ke Kai (06:25)

Canoe teams honor their ancestors between the islands of Molokai and Oahu. Participants discuss the spiritual nature of the race.

Oahu (05:09)

Humans bring new plants and animals to Hawaii. Jackson's chameleons mate after escaping from a pet store; over 500 native species go extinct. A white tern chick waits for its parents to deliver sustenance.

Pacific Golden Plover (02:14)

These birds migrate from Alaska to spend the winter at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Hawaii constantly evolves throughout its lifetime.

Smaller, Older Islands (09:09)

Reef fish clean giant green turtles. Only 1,500 monk seals exist on a nature refuge that stretches to Midway Atoll. An albatross chick pants to keep cool while waiting for his 67-year-old mother.

Credits: Hawaii (00:30)

Credits: Hawaii

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Hawaii, the most remote island chain in the world, is a wondrous archipelago that has offered sanctuary for the life that has reached its tropical shores. From humpback whales to waterfall-climbing fish, carnivorous caterpillars and albatross, it’s home to an extraordinary wealth of wildlife.

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