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Wuhan Epicenter (06:37)


Martin Smith will examine the missteps and denials that led to the coronavirus pandemic. A new virus related to SARs creates a pneumonia outbreak in China. Dr. Li Wenliang shares his concerns with medical school classmates; government authorities issue non-discussion directives.

Mapping the Coronavirus Genome (03:17)

The World Health Organization issues a statement stipulating there is no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission. A Wuhan neighborhood organizes a banquet for the Chinese New Year; 40,000 families attend. The Chinese Health Ministry places Wuhan on lockdown.

Virus Spreads (03:38)

Cases of coronavirus occur in Singapore, Canada, Italy, and the United States. After Dr. Wenliang dies, social media explodes in outrage.

Outbreak In America (06:18)

President Donald Trump hosts a New Year's Eve party. Dr. Robert Redfield notifies Alex Azar and the National Security Council that there is a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan that appear linked to a seafood market. Trump is more concerned with E-Cigarettes than the virus.

Heightened Alert (06:19)

Nicolas Jewell tracks the coronavirus for over a month. Peter Navarro urges halting flights from China; Azar warns Trump the coronavirus may become a serious pandemic. By mid-February, Dr. Daniel Griffith suspects the virus is spreading throughout the region.

Outbreak In South Korea (06:24)

Officials call an emergency meeting at the Seoul train station, proposing the development of COVID-19 diagnostic kits. Scientists test 10,000 people every day and deploy an army of community health personnel. A woman who attends the Shincheonji Church contracts the virus.

Medical Supply Distribution (04:18)

The Centers for Disease Control discovers that a rapid diagnostic test has been contaminated. Korea develops private-public partnerships during the MERs outbreak.

Outbreak In Iran (06:27)

Iran reports the highest mortality rate after an outbreak in Qom. The government refuses to stop flights from China from entering the country. Ayatollah Khamenei insists that Americans are using biological warfare; Iraj Harirchi appears ill at a press conference.

Ebola Outbreak (03:42)

The Obama Administration establishes a pandemic response team. Timothy Ziemer leaves the National Security Council during the Trump Administration. The Secretary of Health and Human Services cannot command the various elements of government without power from the White House.

Outbreak In Italy (05:22)

Bergamo becomes the epicenter after a large soccer match. Italian mayors urge civilians to social distance and stay home. Cases surge, hospitals are overwhelmed, and a lack of equipment causes deaths.

American Reaction (07:04)

Dr. Fauci, Robert Redfield, and Stephen Hahn will ask Trump to stipulate more aggressive measures. Trump announces that the coronavirus is under control in America. Vice President Pence replaces Azar.

Reelection Campaign (02:38)

Trump alleges that the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. On average, 35,000 people die from the flu every year.

First American Deaths (06:28)

A lawyer who commutes to Manhattan begins feeling sick. The CDC limits those who can be tested. Medical health professionals describe their outrage at the lack of adequate testing.

U.S. Cases Double (04:41)

Trump denies there is a lack of adequate testing and places responsibility on individual states to secure personal protective equipment. All travel is suspended for 30 days.

Coronavirus Deaths (05:37)

Jessica Caro discusses the deaths of her mother and aunt. David Ho compares New York City to Wuhan. Black and Latino communities are hardest hit; many people are essential workers and live in housing projects.

COVID-19 Impact (02:53)

A study suggests that a stay-at-home order issued at the end of February could have prevented 83% of U.S. deaths. New Yorkers stand in their doors and at windows to say thank you to health care workers. Experts worry about a second wave.

Credits: The Virus: What Went Wrong? (01:01)

Credits: The Virus: What Went Wrong?

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As COVID-19 spread from Asia to the Middle East to Europe, why was the US caught so unprepared? Despite repeated warnings of a potent contagion headed our way, America’s leaders failed to prepare and protect us. Why and who is accountable?

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