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Door-to-Door Politics (04:18)


Will Guzzardi introduces himself to the constituents of the 39th district. Maria "Toni" Berrios is the incumbent opposition. The election is between a young progressive democrat and an entrenched political family.

January 2014 (04:15)

Guzzardi sends his staff canvasing the neighborhood to obtain votes. Exercising self-discipline is an important facet of running a campaign. The broken political system has an impact on the district.

Guzzardi's Political Opponent (02:55)

Berrios gives an award to business owners who eat and buy from other locally owned businesses. The state government has been giving huge tax breaks to large corporations.

Reddit AMA (02:35)

Guzzardi provides an online question and answer to the public. Politicians who remain inconspicuous in the state legislature can have long careers. Unions decide to contribute to the Guzzardi campaign.

February 2014 (06:06)

Berrios' campaign creates pamphlets alleging Guzzardi is soft on rapists and pedophiles. At a town hall in Portage Park, Guzzardi gives a statement about how he does not support weakening sex offender laws in any manner.

March 2014 (07:31)

Guzzardi worries that voters believe he is soft on sexual offenders. Community members discuss trouble with ballot machines and polling locations. Anxious supporters await the tallies on election day.

July 2015 (01:55)

Guzzardi, now a state representative, is frustrated that the state budget is "held hostage." He looks forward to helping others.

Credits: The 39th (00:23)

Credits: The 39th

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After years of mismanagement and scandal, young progressive politician Will Guzzardi believes that he can mobilize a movement to upend Illinois’ political machine. But he chose to run against Toni Berrios, daughter of one of the best connected (and most corrupt) pols in Chicago — and the establishment is not going to let her go down without a fight. This program follows Guzzardi as he fights for this seat block by block, and comes to terms with just how far the machine will go to hold on to power.

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