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@Home: Introduction (04:58)


Rick lives in the tunnels and earns income by panhandling, washing windows, and working odd jobs. This video will raise awareness for the homeless population. Mark Horvath, the founder of Invisible People, encourages individuals to tell their stories. (Credits)

St. Louis, Missouri (03:24)

Jean lives in a weekly rate hotel with her five children and husband. She is grateful that she does not live under a bridge and hopes for a good, steady job. (05:08)

YouTube promotes the organization by showing videos on its front page. Do not engage in comments that demonstrate extreme ignorance; users only want conflict. Social media allows instant online collaboration with strangers.

Binghamton, New York (03:25)

Horvath discusses his drug addiction, becoming homeless, and manipulating his mother for money. wants to solve homelessness in five to ten years.

Ann Arbor, Michigan (03:39)

Caleb Poirier organizes Camp Take Notice for homeless individuals; it is based off tent cities in Seattle. A group of people can come together and work collaboratively. Security escorts anyone drunk or high off the premises.

Roseville, Michigan (03:03)

After three to four months, a homeless person adopts a survival mentality. Survivors at Macomb County Interfaith Emergency Shelter discuss challenges to rehabilitation. LaQuisha wants a home, schooling, and a child.

Louisville, Kentucky and Chicago, Illinois (02:56)

Horvath meets the staff at Safe Place Headquarters. Feeling lonely is one of the biggest challenges to homelessness. Horvath interviews Lloyd Pendleton, head of Utah's Homeless Task Force, and addresses Twitter employees.

Los Angeles, CA (04:24)

John is one of the first people interviewed. Horvath discusses the Dream Center Ministry changing his life and becoming an evangelist; "Under the Influence" is a Christian Rock band. People who go through the foreclosure process feel dirty.

Social Activism (04:05)

Horvath works in homeless services for the city of Los Angeles; cannot provide adequate financial support. Living on the streets is a gateway to addiction. The government needs to increase minimum wage and create affordable housing.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (04:46)

Horvath attends the 100,000 Homes Boot Camp. The Vulnerability Index surveys the homeless population to discover health conditions, time living on the streets, and contact information. Mayor Richard J. Berry discusses the organization's grass roots efforts.

Bentonville, Arkansas (03:26)

Horvath interviews a group of homeless people at the 1287 Event. Getting a person a job and housing does not address all their needs. The Farm generates produce for soup kitchens and distribution.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (02:57)

Dr. Jim Withers of Operation Safety Net provides house calls for the homeless population. Those who sleep on the streets feel disconnected from society as a whole.

Addressing the Homeless Crisis (05:23)

Horvath thanks Ford, Pepsi, and Matthew Barnett. It is possible to solve homelessness. In the spring of 2014, the 100,000 Homes Campaign reaches its goal of helping more than 235 communities.

Credits:@Home (01:57)


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This program by Danny Alpert looks at homelessness in America through the lens of e-activist Mark Horvath, who has experienced the highs and lows of the American dream, from a successful career in television to barely surviving, homeless and addicted, on Hollywood Boulevard. Horvath found his voice again when he hit the streets, armed with a digital camera and a smartphone, to talk to homeless people about their own experiences. Today, he's the online voice of his cause, and he's bringing their stories to millions on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This documentary follows Horvath on a road trip across the country, from Los Angeles to Arkansas to Pittsburgh, as he makes homelessness in America visible.

Length: 56 minutes

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