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The Wanderer (05:32)


The sailing ship was the largest vessel in the New York Yacht Club. In 1858, it set sail for Jekyll Island with over 400 enslaved Africans. Charles Augustus Lafayette Lamar and other fire-eaters purchased the schooner to reignite the slave trade.

Atlantic Crossing (03:14)

The Wanderer flew the New York Yacht Club insignia as a disguise. After landing in present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo, Captain Corrie placed an order with a slave trader.

Slave Ship (04:07)

The Wanderer held 487 slaves tightly packed in its hold; each person was allowed 16" of space. After 43 days at sea, the schooner reached Jekyll Island with 409 slaves. Lamar took 300 Africans up the Savannah River to South Carolina.

The Wanderer Trial (04:22)

Individuals bought slaves on credit. Lamar failed at the slave trade and was broke. Three crewmen get arrested; the New York Yacht Club received a letter from the government insisting the schooner's membership be revoked. President James Buchanan became involved in the trial.

Domestic Slave Trade (03:08)

Ships were outfitted and crews and captains were hired in New York City. President Abraham Lincoln sent the military to stop the trade. Lamar was killed while commanding Lamar's Rangers. The Union Army captured and sunk The Wanderer off the coast of Cuba.

Survivors of The Wanderer (04:42)

Slaves who survived prevailed through their descendants. Ward Lee wanted to return to Africa; his great grandchildren became the "Double-Mint" chewing gum twins. Michele Woodward was the first African American woman to serve on the Nassau County Supreme Court.

Credits: The Wanderer: A Story of Slavery, Survival, and the Strength to Prevail (01:21)

Credits: The Wanderer: A Story of Slavery, Survival, and the Strength to Prevail

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Luxury yacht Wanderer transports slaves in 1858 from the Congo River to Jekyll Island, Georgia and launches a story of slavery, survival, and the strength to prevail.

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