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Holy Saturday (02:51)


Citizens of Ayacucho, located in the Andes Mountains, run with the Easter Bulls and march in a parade. Jesus Nazareno District Mayor Amilcar Huancahuari discusses his plans for children. During the Maoist insurgency, almost 70,000 people die.

Peru: Lack of Child Development (03:41)

Half of Peru's rural children have growth problems by the age of 18 months. Wawa Wasi is a state-run early childhood development center without trained teachers. Investment in health, education, and nutrition is needed.

Kenya: Stimulation (02:48)

The Gusii people who live in the Kisii District rarely speak or look at their children; the babies' language abilities seem unaffected. Traditional child rearing needs to adapt to schooling.

Turkey: Education (04:36)

Achen organizes a training center where mothers learn how to stimulate and interact with their children. Low education parents provide warmth and care but little verbal interaction. Researchers compare those who attend preschool and read with their parents to those who do not.

Boston: Interaction (04:47)

Researchers study biological evidence of baby stimulation. Newborns imitate their mother's smiles within 40 minutes; primates bond with rocking mothers and ignore other machines. Fearful faces fascinate babies.

Boston: Enrichment (03:01)

Evidence reveals there is no critical period to master school subjects. Academics are different than social development. Researchers debate whether additional funding should be diverted for early education studies.

Peru: New Path (04:30)

Children share what they want to be when they grow up. Huancahuari locates funds for a new preschool. The ability to learn improves with proper nutrition and interaction.

Credits: The Mayor's Dream: Early Life (00:30)

Credits: The Mayor's Dream: Early Life

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Amilcar Huancahuari Tueros is the Mayor of Santa Nazarena in the Peruvian Andes. Amilcar believes that the early stimulation of children’s brains can make for a more prosperous, less violent society. We visit the Harvard scientists trying to decide if science agrees. We look at some old parenting styles, such as not talking to children, or avoiding eye contact, and see how these practices are changing. Finally, we talk to a young Turkish architect, who believes that her own life proves that the Mayor's dream can be a reality. It is now clear that the first five years of a child’s life are vital, but are we acting on what we know?

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