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Trump: Family (04:52)


Ernie Anastos asks Donald Trump's parents about his childhood. Trump finds it difficult to trust women after his mother's abandonment. His father is an ambitious man with little emotional intelligence. His older brother Freddy is cast out of the family business.

Trump: Teenage Years (02:37)

At the age of 13, Trump attends New York Military Academy. He becomes a bully and rules dormitory life.

Biden: Speaking Ability (07:00)

Joe Biden attends Catholic school in Delaware; his father works as a car salesman. After a nun mocks Biden for stuttering, Jean Biden confronts the teacher. Classmates elect him Senior Class President.

Trump: Manhattan Real Estate (05:38)

New York City's population, jobs, and economic base decline during the early 1970s. Trump purchases the Commodore Hotel near Grand Central Station and wants the city to pay him for renovations. Roy Cohn becomes a confidante.

Biden: First Elected Office (06:35)

Biden emulates John F. Kennedy. The future vice-president wins against Cale Boggs, an ally of President Richard Nixon; the Vietnam War divides Americans and social unrest erupts in 1972. Richard "Mouse" Smith and Biden forge a lifelong friendship.

Trump: Divorce (06:38)

Tabloids reveal that Trump had been cheating on his wife with Marla Maples. Ivana Zelnícková becomes CEO of a casino, oversees the Plaza Hotel, and consults on Trump Tower. Cohn teaches Trump how to manipulate society press.

Biden: Widower (05:20)

Biden meets his future wife on a beach during spring break. While establishing the Senate office, Valerie Biden Owens learns that Neilia and Naomi Biden died in a car accident. Beau and Hunter Biden survive the accident but receive broken legs and skull fractures.

Trump: Central Park Five (06:51)

Trump repeatedly claims he does not want to be president. He purchases full-page ads that decry five African American teens arrested for beating and raping a young white woman. A decade later, a judge overturns the convictions and publicly exonerates the defendants.

Biden: First Presidential Campaign (06:55)

Jill Biden marries the senator and gives birth to a daughter. Biden applies Neil Kinnock's story to his own life; media outlets report accusations of plagiarism and borrowing lines from other political speeches. Biden becomes irate when asked about his law school grades.

Trump: Taj Mahal Controversy (06:16)

The casino in Atlantic City needs over $ 1 million in revenue to cover expenses paid for by junk bonds. Norman Vincent Peale's "The Power of Positive Thinking" teaches followers "visualization." The business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection; Trump refuses to admit failure.

Biden: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman (06:56)

Clarence Thomas is accused of sexually harassing Anita Hill. Biden agrees to let other women provide testimony but later rescinds; Senator Arlen Spector suggests the women were exaggerating. Biden recruits the first African American woman elected to the Senate for the committee.

Trump: "The Apprentice" (05:06)

After his business declares bankruptcy in Atlantic City, Trump appears at boxing events, in movies, and on television; learns how to incorporate maintaining a celebrity status into politics. Film cameras capture his presidential campaign announcement; actors are promised $50 to simulate enthusiasm.

Biden: Second Presidential Campaign (07:15)

Biden apologizes after facing criticism for making controversial comments about President Barack Obama. Biden initially does not want to accept the nomination. As vice president, he is influential and respected at the White House.

Trump: First Presidential Campaign (05:00)

Trump creates a made-for-TV spectacle while campaigning, calling opponents "Little Marco" or "Lying Ted." Hope Hicks learns about a transcript of a conversation between Billy Bush and Trump. By ignoring political experts, Trump wins the presidency.

Biden: Vice-Presidency (08:02)

Police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos are ambushed and killed. Biden travels to New York City, speaks at Ramos' funeral, and meets Liu's family. Beau Biden succumbs to brain cancer; the Liu family arrivesto offer condolences.

Trump: Presidency (05:01)

President Trump implements a travel ban aimed at Muslim countries and threatens North Korea. Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci, John Kelly, and General Mattis are ousted from the president's inner circle. The Mueller investigation erupts after rumors of possible collusion with Russia; Trump is acquitted.

Biden: Presidential Primary (05:56)

After the riots in Charlottesville, Biden decides to run for president. Kamala Harris and the former vice-president exchange barbs during a debate about busing. After South Carolina votes in the primary, Biden dominates Super Tuesday and asks Harris to be his running mate.

Trump: 2020 (06:48)

The first COVD-19 death in the U.S. occurs. The National Security Council and the Centers for Disease Control speaks about potential dangers; President Trump does not plan for a pandemic. George Floyd dies while in police protection; Black Lives Matter protests gain momentum.

Nation in Crisis (01:51)

Biden wants love, hope, and light to join the battle for the soul of the nation. Trump advocates maintaining the American way of life. The candidates' persona, temperament, and character will determine who is the next president.

Credits: The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden (00:59)

Credits: The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden

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In November 2020, American voters will go to the polls to decide whether President Donald Trump or his Democratic challenger will lead the country for the next four years. In a polarized and bitterly divided country, voter enthusiasm is already at record levels with the turnout predicted to be the highest in a century. Frontline’s The Choice 2020 will explore the character of the candidates by examining the formative episodes in their lives through interviews with those who know them best.

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