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Part A: Introduction (04:54)


Atoms are comprised of protons that have a positive charge, neutrons that have no charge, and electrons that have a negative charge. Electromagnetism stops electrons from flying away from the nucleus. Ammeters measure amperes; multimeters can also measure voltage.

Part B: Amps and Ammeters (06:23)

Learn how to measure amps using ammeters. Light globes are designed to allow different amounts of current flow. Multimeters measure voltage, resistance, and current. All household items in North America are designed to run off 120 volts.

Part C: Current Affairs (07:56)

In a series connection, the current in each component is the same. Electrons cannot disappear or appear out of nowhere. The power rating components in a parallel connection determine the amount of current that will flow in each branch.

Credits: Episode 3: Electric Current (00:15)

Credits: Episode 3: Electric Current

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Episode 3: Electric Current

Part of the Series : Shedding Light on Electricity
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In episode 3 of the series, we take a look at what electric current is (it’s basically the flow of electrons through a wire) and at how electric current is measured. We then examine the different ways that electric current flows in series and parallel circuits.

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