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Part A: Introduction (01:28)


Electricity powers motors in refrigerators, cranes, trains, fans, communications, and lights. Circuits require a power source, a load, wires, and a switch.

Part B: A Very Simple Electrical Circuit (04:58)

Electrons need to flow out of the battery, to the light globe, and return in a continuous loop. When a switch is released, it interrupts the circuit and current cannot flow. Electricity flows from power stations, through transmission lines, and into buildings.

Part C: Circuit Symbols and Circuit Diagrams (02:37)

Learn the icons for ammeter, voltmeter, SPDT switches, diodes, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, fuses, motors, speakers, and wires. In complicated circuits, wires cross over each other; use a bridge symbol. Circuit diagrams need to clearly show where the electrical current flows.

Part D: Series and Parallel Connections (08:34)

Learn reasons light globes are not connected in a series. Parallel connections are used because the other parts within the circuit do not affect the globe's brightness. Electronic circuits contain components in multiple levels of overlapping series and parallel connections.

Credits: Episode 2: Electric Currents (00:20)

Credits: Episode 2: Electric Currents

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Episode 2: Electric Circuits

Part of the Series : Shedding Light on Electricity
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In this episode, we examine how lights, switches, and other electrical devices are all connected either in “series” or in “parallel” with each other. How do they wire up the lights in your house so that in some rooms the light switch turns on only one light but in other rooms the light switch switches on two (or more) lights? And how is everything wired up so as to allow us to turn the lights on and off in different rooms independently of one another?

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