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Part A; Introduction (02:30)


Electricity produces light, heat, and movement, and powers communications. Essentials of electric circuits include a source of electricity, a load, wires, and a switch.

Part B: What is Electricity? (01:48)

Electrons move around the nucleus at high speeds. In electrical circuits, the outermost electrons move along the wire from atom to atom forming a current. The main sources of electricity include coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear, hydroelectric power stations, wind farms, and solar panels.

Part C: Thermal and Hydroelectric Power Stations (05:20)

In a coal-fired power station, steam is forced through pipes into wind turbines which are connected to a generator. Uranium-235 atoms contain 92 protons and 143 neutrons. Dams contain pipes that control the flow of water into turbines.

Part D: Intermittents (02:43)

Cables inside a wind tower connect turbine blades to a generator. Solar panels contain layers of high-tech materials that electrons jump between. Intermittents cannot provide energy 100% of the time; batteries can be charged.

Part E: The Supply Mix (05:17)

Main sources of electricity include thermal or hydroelectric power stations and intermittents. Electricity cannot be stored in large quantities. Demand forecasting is dependent on weather conditions, sunrise and sunset times, the day of the week, major events, and public holidays.

Part F: Advantages and Disadvantages (04:37)

Coal and gas-fired power stations can produce cheap electricity but require limited resources. Nuclear waste is radioactive and must be stored underground. Hydroelectric power plants require the correct terrain and rainfall; solar panels and wind turbines need a backup .

Credits: Episode 1: Sources of Electricity (00:22)

Credits: Episode 1: Sources of Electricity

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Episode 1: Sources of Electricity

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In this episode, we take a detailed look at where our electricity comes from: thermal and hydroelectric power stations, wind farms, and solar farms. We also examine the advantages and disadvantages of these sources of electricity.

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