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Global Emergency (04:20)


Approximately 11 million people are locked down in Wuhan. Scientists race to find a vaccine as police try to control its spread. Researchers suggest the virus originated in bats but spread to pangolins in the city's seafood and wildlife market.

Infection Cases Increase (02:53)

Doctors in Wuhan share information about a mysterious virus in a private WeChat group. SARS is infectious, has a high mortality rate, and stopping transmission is difficult. The Wuhan Health Commission sends out an urgent internal notice on treatment; the outbreak must be kept quiet.

Information Sharing (02:56)

Dr. Li Wenliang and his classmates are questioned by the Wuhan police for spreading rumors and disrupting social order. Critics continue to speak out about the government concealing the truth.

Four Weeks After First Infections (02:50)

China shares information about the outbreak with the World Health Organization. Hundreds of millions of people travel to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The first person dies of Coronavirus.

Virus Press Conference (03:16)

National Health Commission Director Li Bin announces the coronavirus in Beijing. Ying Wang and her family are not allowed to leave their apartment. Wuhan closes all transportation to contain the virus' spread and goes into lockdown.

Seeking Medical Attention (04:36)

Authorities begin construction on two hospitals in Wuhan. The World Health Organization does not declare a global health emergency. Australia confirms the first case of coronavirus in Victoria; scientists at the Doherty Institute isolate the virus to learn how it functions.

Escalating Infections (05:19)

Wuhan residents complain about the lockdown. Stephen McDonnell and a film crew travel to the virus hot zone; authorities warn the group that they will not be able to leave. WHO declares a global health emergency.

Stranded in Wuhan (04:06)

Wing and her family are not allowed to leave their apartment. Tim Mclean's spouse is denied a visa to enter Australia. Workers spray disinfectant on the streets. Raina MacIntyre describes why a forced quarantine works.

Forced Quarantine (02:14)

Videos emerge of authorities welding doors shut and arresting citizens who do not isolate. There is no personal protective equipment available and Wuhan hospitals are full.

Coronavirus Crosses Borders (03:35)

Scientists believe only 10% of those infected in China are getting a correct diagnosis. The Diamond Princess cruise ship is quarantined off the coast of Japan. Dr. Wenliang dies from the coronavirus; the public commemorates him against the government's wishes.

Overtaking SARS (02:21)

Doctors and nurses struggle with patient numbers. President Xi Jinping speaks on state media, advocating confidence in overcoming the public health crisis.

Leaving Wuhan (03:38)

Wang and her family prepare to return to Australia; McLean cannot obtain transportation to the airport so he remains in Hubei Province. If an individual has a temperature, he or she is removed from the residence and quarantined with others who are sick.

Global Threat (03:23)

Dr. Sharon Lewin compares the mortality rate of the coronavirus to the Spanish flu. Cases in South Korea and the Middle East escalate. The opportunity to contain the virus is narrowing.

Credits: Coronavirus (00:29)

Credits: Coronavirus

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This program charts how the outbreak occurred and investigates whether a cover up by Chinese authorities allowed the virus to spread.

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