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Assam State, India (02:14)


Approximately 6,000 elephants and 30 million people struggle to coexist; elephants killed 70 people last year. Human development encroaches on migratory trails. (Credits)

Elephant Watching (04:19)

A large herd enters a tea plantation; Sanu Bhuyan tracks roaming herds. Plantation workers and their children tease the elephants. Forestry department officers arrive to drive away the herd; a mother elephant charges a truck.

Habitat Loss (03:36)

Tea plantations, rice farming, industrialization, and an increasing population reduces elephant habitat; elephant corridors are broken. Green Hub works to reduce human/elephant conflicts. Forest rangers continue trying to drive away the herd.

Human/Elephant Conflict (03:04)

Subsistence farmers become impatient with elephant herds. The peak conflict time occurs in winter, when the rice is ripe; constant tracking is essential. Siobhan Heanue examines the destruction left by a herd.

Elephant Charge (03:37)

Farmers near a railway line attempt to drive away an agitated elephant. Bhuyan contacts the Forestry Department. A farmer reflects on protecting his crops.

Reverence and Anger (03:35)

In India, elephants are sacred. Villagers place flowers on an elephant that was electrocuted after running into a power line; a man expresses frustration with the Forestry Department. Elephants are victims of electrocution, trains, and poison.

Elephant Victims (04:43)

In Assam, elephants have killed 850 people in 10 years. Deboras Buwari shows Heanue the field where his father was attacked. Forestry rangers attempt to drive an elephant herd away from an army outpost. Bhuyan enters the vegetation and gets attacked.

Declining Elephant Population (02:41)

India is home to approximately 28,000 elephants. Conservationists plan to revive elephant corridors and some people are moving away from corridor areas, reducing conflict.

Credits: Man Vs Wild (00:38)

Credits: Man Vs Wild

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In India’s far east, wild elephants are in deadly, daily conflict with people. Siobhan Heanue follows the clashes as roaming herds get squeezed by shrinking forests and a growing human population.

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