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Venice, a Floating City (05:35)


During Carnival, Venetians dress in costumes and parade through the canals and streets. Activists promote affordable housing owned by the councils; middle-class citizens do not qualify for state aid. Tourists spend more in one week than Venetians spend in a month.

Housing in Venice (03:36)

Residential apartments are converted into Airbnb properties for tourists. Davide and Chiara discuss high rents and landlords refusing to accept long-term rental agreements. Living in an "occupied house" is challenging.

Tourism in Venice (03:40)

Experts estimate that 25-30 million people visit the city annually. A bus carrying Chinese tourists celebrating the New Year arrives. Visitors spend $9 billion a year; Maralisa spends weeks creating a single mask.

Controlling Visitor Numbers (06:10)

No Grandi Navi wants cruise ships banned from the Venice lagoon. The current of passing ships destroys paving stones on San Giorgio Maggiore. Cruise ships pay a docking fee that goes to the national government.

Venice Is Vanishing (04:57)

The current has risen almost a foot. If trends continue, people will need to abandon the ground floor of their buildings. MOSE disappears when not in use. Officials arrest 35 people for embezzling public funds to pay for a mobile storm surge barrier.

Serenades and Gondola Rides (04:01)

The UN will decide whether to put Venice on the endangered heritage world site. The city will charge an entrance fee for tourists; the mayor promises full transparency on how funds are spent. Venetians must be able to afford to live in their city.

Credits: Saving Venice (00:21)

Credits: Saving Venice

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The “Floating City” is sinking under rising seas and the weight of mass tourism. Now Venice’s residents are fighting to reclaim it, as Samantha Hawley reports.

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