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Nuclear Disaster Site (04:29)


Pripyat, now a city of ghosts, was home to 50,000 people. Hundreds of tourists arrive daily to see the site; they purchase suits to enter the town. Limited radiation exposure of one to two microsieverts is considered safe.

Tour Guides (02:59)

Lara Graldina spends 20-22 days a month in Chernobyl. About 70,000 people visited Pripyat last year. Oleksiy Breus recalls the routine safety check that caused a nuclear accident.

Site Cleanup (02:59)

A 2005 report estimates that 4,000 died from radiation exposure. Linton Besser tours the Pripyat hospital that nursed disaster victims. The area where first responder uniforms are located is the most radioactive part of the building.

Living in the Exclusion Zone (04:14)

Sofia Bezverhaya describes why she returned to Kupovate a year after the nuclear disaster. There is no showering during the winter. Over 120 self-settlers have returned to the community.

Kupovate Community Members (02:11)

Hanna Zavorotnya manufactures vodka and lives a short distance from Bezverhaya. The local priest serves the elderly community, shop owners, soldiers, and officials.

Illegal Exploration (03:24)

Explorers seek dangerous places within the exclusion zone to investigate Soviet era architecture. Kirill Stepanets guides three tourists to the exclusion zone and warns they will have to evade police.

Outside the Exclusion Zone (05:01)

Locals forage for wild blueberries, raspberries, and mushrooms. Dangerous levels of radiation still poison the environment and contaminate people across Northern Ukraine. Every year, hundreds of children are admitted to the Institute of Specialized Radiation Protection.

Ukraine (03:35)

The country has been forced to continue operating old nuclear power plants. Yevhen Nosykov provides a tour of the Khmelnitsky plant, built before the Chernobyl accident. The New Safe Confinement encloses reactor 4 which will remain radioactive for another 20,000 years.

Credits: Fallout (00:39)

Credits: Fallout

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Once the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident, Chernobyl is now a major tourist destination, thanks to a wildly popular TV drama. We go beyond the crowds to reveal the secret life inside Chernobyl’s exclusion zone.

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