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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (05:00)


The protected lands are under threat; the Trump Administration plans to allow gas and oil drilling. Kaktovik, Alaska is a popular tourist destination. Experts discuss polar bears and their habitat.

Transatlantic Pipeline (05:42)

The U.S. continues to increase crude oil consumption. Trump plans to open ANWR; Bernadette Demientieff coordinates a campaign on behalf of indigenous people. Zoe Daniel joins a caribou hunt. Tribal members view themselves as protectors of the land.

Arctic Village (03:27)

Gwich'in Elder Sarah James preserves caribou meat. She discusses native history and forced colonization; James fights to protect ANWR. Oil companies want access to the 1002 Area.

1002 Area (03:56)

ANWR is the largest protected wilderness in the U.S.; 1002 is home to diverse wildlife species. The Trump Administration and oil companies want to drill on caribou calving grounds.

Kaktovik, Alaska (07:00)

The majority of residents support oil drilling in the 1002 Area. Marie Rexford reflects on diminishing icebergs and government interference. Whale meat attracts polar bears; the oil industry gifts the village with an ice cellar.

Fight for ANWR (02:49)

In Washington D.C., Demientieff leads a protest against oil drilling. The House of Representatives votes against drilling but the Trump Administration continues to push for approval.

Credits: At the Edge of the Earth (01:04)

Credits: At the Edge of the Earth

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Polar bears, caribou and whales. Alaska’s indigenous tribes are fiercely proud of their pristine land but with Trump pushing to open up its largest protected wilderness for oil exploration, could it be under threat?

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