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Introduction: Another Ocean (02:29)


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Pacific Ocean Crossing (07:35)

Juan Trippe envisions a flying boat "hopscotching" across the ocean to China and asks Dutch Schildhauer to make inquiries about Wake Island and Midway. Trippe announces Pan Am is ready to make the crossing and requests landing rights; Pan Am's presence benefits the U.S. Navy. (Credits)

Skyway to Asia (04:16)

Bill Grooch leads the expedition to build landing facilities on the Pacific island stopping points. Construction of the M-130 is behind schedule and Trippe turns to the S-42; Ed Musick conducts test flights.

Midway Construction Site (03:46)

The North Haven delivers materials to Hawaii and then Midway where offloading is a challenge. The men must be careful of island birds when building radio navigation towers.

Transpacific Preparations (08:13)

Musick makes practice runs along the Pacific Coast before making a survey flight from San Francisco to Hawaii; head winds make the return flight challenging. Many are skeptical about regular service across the Pacific.

Wake Island (06:48)

The New Haven anchors south of the islets. Land conditions force the crew to change locations of the air base; they blast coral heads in the lagoon for landing safety. The ship then stops at Guam and the Philippines.

China Clipper (09:44)

The M-130 passes all flight tests; Musick hates the publicity. The first transpacific air mail flight occurs on November 22, 1935, giving Americans feelings of hope and progress.

Transpacific Flight (03:36)

The China Clipper crosses the Pacific Ocean and lands in Manila. Musick delivers a letter from President Roosevelt to President Quezon.

Passenger Flights (04:50)

Warner Brothers produces a film about the China Clipper. A year after the transpacific flight, Pan Am carries passengers to Manila. In 1937, services extend to Hong Kong and across the Atlantic to Europe; transoceanic flights accelerate globalization and change geographical perceptions.

War and Flight (04:19)

In 1941, Japan attacks the U.S. Pan Am plays an important role in the war effort. Military transport planes set the foundation for future civil aviation. Learn about the post-war activities of Igor Sikorsky, Hugo Leuteritz, and Trippe.

Credits: Another Ocean (01:09)

Credits: Another Ocean

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Episode 3: Another Ocean (Across the Pacific)

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Defying the skeptics, Pan Am builds an airway to Asia, allowing the China Clipper to hopscotch across the world’s widest ocean by landing at five stepping-stone islands: Hawaii, Midway, Wake Island, Guam, and the Philippines.

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