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"Timon of Athens": Act I, Scene I (13:34)


A poet, a painter, and a jeweler wait in a hall with their products. Timon, a wealthy and generous Athenian, agrees to pay the debt of Ventidius and the dowry of a woman so Lucilius can marry. Apemantus refuses to please the lords.

"Timon of Athens": Act I, Scene II (16:28)

Apemantus criticizes guests at the dinner table. Cupid and her ladies of the Amazon dance for the gentleman. Flavius worries about Timon giving away all of his possessions.

"Timon of Athens": Act II, Scene I (02:03)

A senator asks Caphis to obtain the money owed to him by Timon.

"Timon of Athens": Act II, Scene II (08:32)

Flavius is angry that Timon wasted his wealth, bequeathing it to his friends and patronizing unworthy artists. Timon sends his servants to his closest friends to ask for help.

"Timon of Athens": Act III, Scene I (04:13)

Flaminius asks for money for his master and refuses to be bribed. Lucullus will not loan money to Timon.

"Timon of Athens": Act III, Scene II (05:11)

Lucius hears of Timon's money troubles and informs Servilius that he is unable to provide a loan. The Second Stranger is appalled that Lucilius refuses to help Timon.

"Timon of Athens": Act III, Scene III (02:17)

The Lucius, Lucullus, and Ventidius have refused to loan Timon money. Sempronius also decides not to send aid.

"Timon of Athens": Act III, Scene IV (04:16)

Creditors wait to be repaid. Timon decides to host another dinner party for his friends who have spurned him.

"Timon of Athens": Act III, Scene V (06:46)

After a junior officer kills another, Alcibiades pleads for mercy—a crime of passion should carry less punishment than premeditated murder. The senators banish Alcibiades.

"Timon of Athens": Act III, Scene VI (05:36)

The lords learn that Alcibiades has been banished. At the dinner party, Timon offers his guests warm water and stones, which he proceeds to throw at them.

"Timon of Athens": Act IV, Scene I (02:41)

Timon recites a soliloquy, vowing revenge against Athens.

"Timon of Athens": Act IV, Scene II (04:07)

Timon's servants leave to find other positions. Flavius gives them some of his savings and vows to find his master.

"Timon of Athens": Act IV, Scene III: Fortune (08:50)

Timon finds a hidden stash of gold while digging for roots. Alcibiades receives money enough to pay his soldiers after Timon learns the general plans to attack Athens.

"Timon of Athens": Act IV, Scene III: Cynicism (13:06)

Apemantus accuses Timon of copying his pessimistic style. The pair express their miserable natures and anger at the city of Athens.

"Timon of Athens": Act IV, Scene III: Bandits (08:00)

Bandits arrive and demand gold. Flavius asks Timon to return to Athens. Timon recognizes Flavius' loyalty.

"Timon of Athens": Act V, Scene I (12:17)

The poet and painter arrive to collect the gold. Two senators offer love, a leadership position, and wealth if Timon will return to Athens. Timon does not care if Alcibiades pillages the city.

"Timon of Athens": Act V, Scene II (01:11)

A messenger informs the senators that another messenger was sent from Alcibiades to Timon.

"Timon of Athens": Act V, Scene IV (05:56)

Senators ask Alcibiades to enter the city and avoid killing everyone. A soldier arrives with Timon's epithet. Alcibiades decides to make peace.

Curtain Call (01:03)

The actors receive accolades from the audience.

Credits: Timon of Athens (02:25)

Credits: Timon of Athens

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Timon’s compulsive generosity makes him the most popular man in Athens – until his funds run out. Now, embittered by ingratitude, what will he do when his city comes under attack? This stirring production from the Stratford Festival is a heartbreaking masterpiece.

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