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"Romeo & Juliet": Prologue (01:01)


The chorus recites the monologue about the star crossed lovers.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act I, Scene I (08:30)

Samson and Gregory, Lord Capulets men, discuss strategies on how to provoke a fight with the Montagues. Benvolio encourages peace among the families until Tybalt challenges him to a duel. Romeo is forlorn because his love is not returned.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act I, Scene II (04:50)

Paris asks Lord Capulet for his permission to approach Juliet for her hand in marriage. Peter unwittingly invites Romeo; Rosalind will also be present.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act I, Scene III (05:26)

Lady Capulet informs Juliet of Paris' desire to marry. The Nurse encourages the relationship.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act I, Scene IV (05:09)

Masked, Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio enter the Capulet celebration. Romeo warns he dreamt of an untimely death. Mercutio delivers a monologue about Queen Mab.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act I, Scene V (07:16)

Lord Capulet welcomes revelers. Romeo falls in love with Juliet; the couple kisses. Tybalt offers to remove the Montagues, but Lord Capulet allows them to stay.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act II, Scene I (04:00)

The Montagues search for Romeo, who leaps the orchard wall. Mercutio attempts to make him appear by speaking of Rosalind. The chorus delivers a monologue about new love.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act II, Scene II (10:17)

Romeo delivers a soliloquy about his love for Juliet; she professes her love for him on her balcony. The couple decides to marry the next day. Nurse calls Juliet away.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act II, Scene III (04:09)

Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to preside over his marriage to Juliet. The Friar asks what happened to his love for Rosalind.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act II, Scene IV (09:25)

Tybalt has threatened to kill Mercutio. Mercutio teases Nurse. Nurse ensures that Romeo is serious about his love for Juliet and warns of Paris' intentions.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act II, Scene V (05:12)

Nurse tells Juliet that Friar Lawrence will wed her to Romeo.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act II, Scene VI (01:36)

Romeo and Juliet meet to marry. Friar Lawrence resolves to wed them quickly.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act III, Scene I: Mercutio's Death (08:57)

Tybalt kills Mercutio. Before he dies, Mercutio announces, "a plague on both your houses." Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act III, Scene I: Banishment (03:23)

Benvolio explains that Romeo stabbed Tybalt. The prince banishes Romeo.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act III, Scene II (07:17)

Nurse informs Juliet that Romeo killed Tybalt. Juliet questions Romeo's integrity but decides she loves him. Nurse leaves to find the exiled man.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act III, Scenes III and IV (09:52)

Friar Lawrence informs Romeo that he will be banished and encourages him to fulfill their marriage contract before going into exile. Nurse passes on Juliet's message. Lord and Lady Capulet arrange for Juliet to marry Paris on Thursday.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act III, Scene V (11:19)

Romeo bids Juliet farewell after spending the night together. Lady Capulet worries that Tybalt's death is the cause of Juliet's misery. Nurse encourages Juliet to marry Paris.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act IV, Scene I (05:21)

Juliet refuses Paris' hand in marriage and threatens to kill herself if Friar Lawrence cannot find a resolution. After taking a potion to appear dead, she will lay in a tomb where Romeo can find her and take her to Mantua.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act IV, Scene II (01:39)

Juliet begs for her father's forgiveness and agrees to Paris' proposal of marriage. Lord Capulet decides to move up the wedding so she will not change her mind.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act IV, Scene III (03:25)

Lady Capulet and Nurse bid Juliet goodnight. Juliet delivers a soliloquy, swallowing the potion with a dagger by her side in case the plan does not work.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act IV, Scene IV-VI (05:37)

The Capulets plan for the wedding. Nurse discovers Juliet's lifeless body. Friar Lawrence holds a ceremony for the Capulets at the church.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act V, Scene I and II (05:11)

Romeo learns of Juliet's death and swears to die by her side. He buys poison and returns to Verona. The friar leans that his letter explaining the plan of faking Juliet's death did not reach Romeo.

"Romeo & Juliet": Act V, Scene III (18:40)

Romeo stabs Paris, who is mourning Juliet, and drinks the poison. The friar arrives and finds the corpses; Juliet awakens and kills herself with a dagger. The prince pleads with the Montagues and the Capulets to resolve their differences.

Curtain Call (01:45)

The actors receive accolades for their performance.

Credits: Romeo & Juliet (02:27)

Credits: Romeo & Juliet

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Falling headlong in love, two teenagers defy the long-simmering hatred between their families – but daring to love one’s enemy comes with a terrible cost. The famous tragedy of star-crossed lovers has never been more heartbreaking than in this captivating 2018 production by the Stratford Festival, directed for the stage by Scott Wentworth and for film by Barry Avrich, and starring Sara Farb as Juliet and Antoine Yared as Romeo.

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