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Women at War

The Series Includes : Fighters | Spies and Angels | The Home Front | Words and Pictures
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It is usually men who start wars. Despots, tyrants, politicians, generals – whoever is at the root of a conflict is probably male. And for centuries, men have been sent to fight and die on battlefields all over the world, leaving their womenfolk at home to cope as best they can. But sometimes women have not been content to sit and wait while men decide their fate. They have taken up arms, faced mortal peril behind enemy lines, worked in the factories and fields, tended the sick and wounded and laid their lives on the line in support of their armies and their beliefs. History shows us that the fate of nations could have been very different indeed without the unswerving devotion of the women of the world. Many have gone on to become national heroines. The stories of others that played crucial roles in warfare, though no less compelling, are perhaps not so well known. Why does society cling to the idea that women should not fight in the front line when they have equality with men in so many other areas? Have they failed to prove their worth or are men simply defending their traditional role in conflict - the last bastion of machismo? In this series we trace the history of War Women, following their progress from tribal warriors in the front line and nurses at the front to agents and spies behind the lines, as well as their contribution to the image of war through painting, poetry, photography and writing.

Length: 192 minutes

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