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Childhood and Early Career (03:06)


Constantine Krimets conducts the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. David Palmer provides a brief biography of Johann Sebastian Bach's childhood, experiences, and appointments at Weimar and K├Âthen.

"Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 1st Movement" (05:22)

Prince Leopold encouraged Bach to compose and perfect his music. Three soloists included the flute, violin, and harpsichord. Bach was one of the first composers to write a solo for an instrument instead of allowing improvisation.

"Toccata and Fugue" (05:30)

The organ solo, performed by Marina Nevskaya, allowed Bach to demonstrate his skill. Traditionally, a fugue was a series of musical elaborations influenced by a single theme. Bach held the position of cantor at the Church of St. Thomas in Leipzig; masterpieces included "St. John Passion," "St. Matthew Passion," and the "B-Minor Mass."

"St. Matthew Passion" (02:14)

Bach believed himself to be a composer of religious music and created his most famous compositions during his appointment in Leipzig. The aria, performed by Lyudmila Korzhavina, used every musical device to create an impact. Mendelsohn revived the piece 100 years later.

"Badinerie" (01:21)

Bach's music reflected trends of the Baroque era for decoration and ornamentation.

"Mass in B Minor": Sanctus and Osanna (06:38)

John Eliot Gardiner conducted the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra. Bach incorporated old forms of Latin masses in a Protestant framework for his religious compositions. Most of Bach's music was performed once and then discarded. Bach fell ill and died after ten days.

Credits: Bach (00:48)

Credits: Bach

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J.S. Bach occupies a pivotal place in the history of music. His compositions represent both the height of the Baroque and the beginning of the Modern Age of music. Filmed in Leipzig, London and America, this program features specially-filmed extracts with John Eliot Gardiner conducting the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra performing the Mass in B minor, Marina Nevskaya playing the organ in Toccatta and Fugue, and Lyudmila Korzhavina singing an Aria from St. Matthew's Passion. Biographical and critical commentary is provided by leading Bach scholar David Palmer.

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