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Blues Music (07:03)


Sam Cooke, John Lee Hooker, and Muddy Waters have significantly impacted rock, soul, and rap music. The Delta Blues goes global in the 1960s. "Blues Breakers" establishes Eric Clapton as a blues guitarist; he performs "White Room."

Carlos Santana (11:53)

Jimi Hendrix arrives in the UK in 1966. Santana begins his career as a blues guitarist and often pays homage to his roots. He performs "The Drifter" and with Tinariwen. Blues has its origins in African music.

Sweet Honey In The Rock (07:40)

Gospel and the blues have a strong black female presence. The all-female a cappella group forms in 1973; their soulful sound hearkens back to African roots. They perform "Strange Blues." Musicians reflect on the message of the blues and popularity.

Robert Cray (05:01)

Cray initially has no ambition to become a blues guitarist His breakthrough occurs in 1986; he performs "I'm Walkin'."

The Blues Explosion (08:12)

The reinvention of the blues by the Rolling Stones and Dr. Feelgood inspires the band's "punky" version of the blues. They perform "Down in the Beast." Chris Thomas King and G. Love reflect on their blues experience.

Chris Thomas King (05:13)

King's style of music combines, rap, hip-hop, and the blues. He reflects on lyrics and musical progression; King performs "Mississippi KKKrossroads." Musicians consider the impact of music.

Credits: Traveling Blues (00:40)

Credits: Traveling Blues

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Oscar-winning actor and avid blues fan, Morgan Freeman, hosts a fascinating program exploring how the blues has developed and diversified from the 1960s onwards, and in the process played a huge role in shaping the face of rock music. He begins with the British Blues boom of that decade which saw many white musicians pick up the blues baton: musicians such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, and Eric Clapton. Clapton features in live footage recorded at the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Clapton’s contemporaries in the 1960s included Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. We see Santana jamming with the Saharan band Tinariwen whose hypnotic sound takes us back to the very roots of the music in Africa. This film also celebrates more recent blues contributors including Robert Cray and Sweet Honey in the Rock. Freeman showcases the sounds of Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion, who in turn influenced The White Stripes; and the hip-hop/blues combination delivered by actor-musician Chris Thomas King. King, Speech from Arrested Development, G. Love, and Buddy Guy provide lively analysis and insight.

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