Titles in this Series

Blues Beginning

Item #: 210776

Sounds of Jazz

Item #: 210777

Soul Stirrings

Item #: 210778

Traveling Blues

Item #: 210779

Free Jazz to Future Jazz

Item #: 210780

Heart of Soul

Item #: 210781

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A Journey Through American Music

The Series Includes : Blues Beginning | Sounds of Jazz | Soul Stirrings | Traveling Blues | Free Jazz to Future Jazz | Heart of Soul
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $1,019.70
3-Year Streaming Price: $1,019.70



A musical journey through the origins of American music presented by Morgan Freeman. The series mixes documentary and performance whilst retracing the roots American music and features performances at Montreux from such legendary artists as Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Al Green, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton.

Length: 270 minutes

Item#: BVL210775

Copyright date: ©2007

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