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"Urban Love Poem" (03:15)


Marilyn Chin's poem uses western poetry styles but invokes eastern imagery. Chin captured her experience as an immigrant in San Francisco.

"Urban Love Poem": Setting (05:53)

Chin's poem looks back at San Francisco as a gold rush town and forward to it as a modern tech city. Chinese American residents express what they get from the poem.

"Urban Love Poem": Immigration (04:45)

Chin's poem makes fun of the stylized nostalgic longing for China. Chin uses diction from old Chinese poetry and modern American poetry. The 1849 Gold Rush and the building of railroads attracted thousands of workers from China.

"Urban Love Poem": Modernity (03:43)

Chin writes about the freeway system and how the tech boom changed San Fransisco. The poem contrasts changes with Chin's experience of San Francisco in the 1970s.

"Urban Love Poem": Love (06:55)

Chin mentions a lover in the poem, but the poem is more about a romantic place. Chin wanted to capture the invincibility of young love.

Credits: Urban Love Poem (00:38)

Credits: Urban Love Poem

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Urban Love Poem

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Explore San Francisco's history, from the Gold Rush and early Chinese immigration to the rise of Silicon Valley, through Marilyn Chin's poem of her San Francisco youth. Guests include Maxine Hong Kingston, Randy Komisar and local residents.

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