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Introduction: Age of Bronze and Iron (01:42)


During the Bronze and Iron Ages, people produce intricate metal work. This episode features Bronze Age skeletons, a prehistoric monument, and more.

Cladh Hallan Bones (04:29)

Archaeologists excavate Bronze Age houses on South Uist and discover human remains. Christie Willis finds inconsistencies and DNA testing reveals the skeletons are bones from at least three individuals.

Bronze Age Mummies (04:34)

Cladh Hallan examinations reveal a sudden stop in decay, indicating soft tissue preservation. Mike Parker Pearson reflects on the purpose of mummies in society. His team examines other crouched burial skeletons and finds similar decay patterns.

Cambridgeshire Wetlands (06:38)

Quarrying will return the area to Bronze Age conditions. Archaeologists dig ahead of the quarry and learn how people used their environment to survive; Dr. Jason Hawkes catalogs artifacts.

Waveney River Excavations (06:01)

Metal trading continues into the Iron Age. Archaeologists discover a series of timber structures. They lift a post from water-logged peat and examine tool marks.

Metal and Complex Beliefs (02:59)

Experts examine Bronze Age objects found in East Anglia. They indicate trade, status, and religious beliefs. The posts at Waveney River have multiple values.

Iron Age Britain (06:37)

Iron helps people create more farmland; the main sources are the Forest of Dean, the Weald, and the Jurassic Ridge. Burrough Hill excavations reveal activities in the hill fort and how iron changed lives.

Fin Cop Hill Fort (04:53)

Regional identities and tribal groups emerge in the Iron Age. Excavations reveal evidence that suggests population growth strained resources, leading to violent raids.

Calleva Excavations (06:19)

Archaeologists dig past the layer of the Roman period to the Iron Age town. Organic material and artifacts reveal the occupants' diet and lifestyle.

Briton and Roman Interactions (05:28)

Evidence found during Calleva excavations suggests resistance to Roman occupation. Archaeologists find several Caratacus coins, metal artifacts, and signs of destruction. Dr. Alice Roberts reflects on episode discoveries.

Credits: Age of Bronze and Iron (00:49)

Credits: Age of Bronze and Iron

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Age of Bronze and Iron

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What was life like before the Romans invaded? We find two Bronze Age skeletons known as the Cladh Hallan Mummies which are actually a jigsaw of different people! And in the famous Roman town of Silchester, we unearth an Iron Age settlement and reveal evidence that suggests an early standoff between the British and the Romans.

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