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Introduction: Invaders (01:17)


Dr. Alice Roberts questions the truth of the Vikings' savage reputation and their influence on British culture. This episode features a Viking fortress, a silver hoard, massacre victims, and more.

Horgabost, Isle of Harris (05:15)

Archaeologists uncover soil differences at the known Iron Age settlement and evidence that suggests a Viking presence, including a possible rectangular building, pottery, and soapstone.

Stornoway, Isle of Lewis (05:30)

Ivory chess and gaming pieces date to the 12th century. Research indicates the Lewis chessmen are part of the Kingdom of the Isles and likely made by five craftsmen. The Vikings relinquish the Hebrides to Scotland in 1266.

Isle of Harris (03:00)

Vikings first arrive to plunder. Archaeologists excavate a possible Christian monastery and Norse grave. Harris is part of a sea route and may house a Viking settlement.

Hungate: York, England (04:04)

Ivar the Boneless is the first Viking to conquer the city. Alfred the Great treaties with Viking King Guthrum and the Danes receive Danelaw. Archaeologists uncover evidence of Viking urban planning.

York Archaeological Trust (03:00)

Roberts examines small finds from Hungate that reveal the Vikings imported quality materials and mass-produced skates.

St. Brice's Day Massacre (06:44)

King Ethelred the Unready sanctions murder of the Danes. Archaeologists discover a mass grave; the bones reveal violent deaths. Robert reflects on the possibility the bones are Danish victims.

Vale of York Hoard (07:35)

Metal detectorists discover the collection of Viking silver objects and a gold bracelet. A 9th century cup may have been loot or a tribute payment. Some pieces reveal a trade connection with the Islamic world.

Udal Site Small Finds (04:44)

Roberts examines the collection of domestic items from the largest excavated Norse settlement in the western isles.

Brough of Deerness (05:40)

Vikings colonize the Orkney Islands in the 9th century. Archaeologists excavate a settlement; they discover a game board. Dr. James Barrett discusses the settlement's location.

Viking Writing (03:24)

Prof. John Hines examines a bronze strip with runes discovered at the Brough of Deerness; he cannot formulate a coherent message. Roberts reflects on learning about the Viking lifestyle.

Credits: Invader (00:47)

Credits: Invader

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In this episode, teams discover signs of the earliest Viking settlers in Orkney, where we visit the excavation of a Viking chief's citadel. We also take a fresh look at some of the most celebrated Viking finds of all time, including the famous Lewis Chessmen, currently the subject of major new research.

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