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Britannia: Introduction (00:51)


New archaeological discoveries challenge preconceptions of Roman Britain. This episode features a newly discovered town in Devon, skeletons of 97 babies, a Roman god figurine, and more.

Folkstone, England (07:58)

Experts believe Folkstone is the Romans' first landing point. Archaeologists and volunteers find clues connecting the site to the Roman Navy. The size and location of the villa suggests a resident of wealth and power; the site is in danger of falling into the sea.

Hambleden, England (06:58)

Archaeologists discover the bones of 97 babies buried beneath a Roman villa. Experts examine cut marks, test DNA, and date the bones to 150-200 AD. Jill Ayres believes the villa may have been a brothel.

Yewden Villa Artifacts (04:14)

Brett Thorn believes artifacts suggest the villa housed a mother goddess cult and may have been a birth center. Cut marks on the bones may indicate an embryotomy.

South Devon Village (07:01)

In 2009, Jim Wills and Dennis Hewings discover several Roman coins. Excavations reveal more coins, hundreds of objects, a Roman road, and human remains; the settlement is in an unexpected location.

Caerleon, England (06:31)

An amphitheater started in 75 A.D. is part of the Roman complex. Excavations reveal 1,200 artifacts in what may have been a storage. An expert works to preserve a Roman garment.

Bere Regis, England (07:47)

Artifacts suggest religious tolerance at the profitable Roman farmstead. A burial site for the elite dates to the late first century. Other skeletons reveal arrested development, suggesting episodes of illness or malnourishment.

Binchester, England (08:07)

Excavations suggest that Roman soldiers did not leave the fort in 410 AD. Findings indicate a tannery industry and a jewelry workshop. Dr. Robert Alice reflects on changing cultures and Roman discoveries.

Credits: Britannia (00:46)

Credits: Britannia

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This episode's finds include the thickening mystery of 97 baby skeletons found by the Thames, a newly-discovered town in rural Devon that turns history on its head, and a Roman cult figure buried for 1,700 years beneath a fort.

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