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Introduction: Future Conditional (01:14)


This video will examine the link between the release of toxic pollutants and the planet's health.

The Arctic (09:28)

Seasonal patterns and tidal currents govern the lives of those in remote villages. Scientists find rising levels of dangerous chemicals in animal specimens; Matt Damon explains the grasshopper effect. Barney Kovic and his nephew hunt seals; pollutants are in the Inuit food supply.

Tijuana, Mexico (05:46)

Families celebrate the Day of the Dead. The industrial trade zone provides 140,000 jobs; hazardous waste seeps into the soil and water supply. In Colonia Chilpancingo, over 90% of children have elevated lead levels and many suffer birth defects.

San Diego, California (08:08)

Barrio Logan is one of the city's poorest Mexican-American communities and suffers from environmental discrimination. Residents win their fight for a park and protest a factory that uses a cancer-causing chemical.

Salton Sea, California (10:56)

Damon explains the sea's creation—it is currently a refuge for migrating waterfowl. Irrigation runoff in neighboring farms helps sustain water levels, but it contains high levels of salt and chemicals. Ownership of Colorado River water has been the focus of legal battles.

Aral Sea, Uzbekistan (03:20)

The remains of boats reveal that the area was once covered in fresh water. The cultural and spiritual legacies of Silk Road traders remains in Samarkand.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (03:30)

The city has a population of nearly 3 million. In the 1960s, the Soviet Union demands Uzbekistan become a major cotton producer. Diversion of the Amu Darya River for irrigation causes the Aral Sea to shrink.

Muynak, Uzbekistan (07:38)

Soviet trawlers work the Aral Sea prior to its collapse. Today, the Karakalpak struggle to survive. Many move to shantytowns where poverty and disease are rife. Windstorms redistribute agricultural chemicals, polluting water sources. Experts discuss the effects on reproductive and infant health.

Environmental Crisis (04:41)

The Karakalpak consider a mausoleum near Muynak a holy shrine. The Aral Sea serves as a warning for the Salton Sea. Experts reflect on environmental problems and human health.

Credits: Future Conditional (00:59)

Credits: Future Conditional

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This program explores one of the greatest effects of environmental pollution, yet one which we cannot see, hear or feel. Toxic pollutants have entered our bodies at an alarming rate over these previous few generations, and the film takes us to the Arctic Circle, Mexico, and the U.S. to see the damage caused to health by these toxins, which are often created many thousands of miles away from the victims.

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