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Rivers of Destiny

Item #: 210595

The Urban Explosion

Item #: 210596

Land of Plenty, Land of Want

Item #: 210597

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Journey to Planet Earth, Season 1

The Series Includes : Rivers of Destiny | The Urban Explosion | Land of Plenty, Land of Want
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A major award-winning series looking at environmental issues. Rivers of Destiny journeys to four major river systems of the world to investigate the environmental problems of those whose lives depend upon the health of their river. The Urban Explosion explores a major dilemma of the 21st Century: how to sustain the world's exploding urban population without destroying the environment? Land of Plenty, Land of Want investigates the fundamental problem facing today's farmers. Narrated by Kelly McGillis.

Length: 165 minutes

Item#: BVL210594

Copyright date: ©2004

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