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Atlanta, Georgia (05:30)


Around the world, children are speaking with one voice to end human trafficking. Students at the Atlanta International School decorate plates to create awareness for #MyFreedomDay. Speakers include an FBI agent.

Toluca, Mexico (03:33)

Law school students at Autonomous University of Mexico City do a 45-minute stand up for freedom. There are 45 million victims forced into some form of slavery. An organization visits schools to create awareness about human trafficking.

Rio de Janeiro (04:16)

At the American School, students in Brazil create a mural, hold a film festival, and stand for freedom. There are 161,000 victims forced into some form of slavery. Teenagers use social media posts to generate awareness.

Abu Dhabi (03:36)

Sixth grade students celebrate #MyFreedomDay at the GEMS American School. Over 100 schools around the world work to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Luis CdeBaca Interview (04:25)

Appointed by President Barack Obama, the ambassador-at-large discusses putting pressure on local governments to act. Individuals become trapped after being promised a better life. Survivors work with law enforcement to help victims.

Genoa, Italy (05:32)

Giovanni Allavena, Giulia Boccardo, and Francisco Pelizza organize #MyFreedomDay events at the international school. Human trafficking is common around the world and in local communities. Outside Nairobi, students discuss how to preserve their dignity.

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Young people around the world are taking action against human trafficking.

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