Segments in this Video

New Generation of MS-13 (02:19)


Many gang members are being deported to El Salvador and other Central American countries. Teenagers are committing horrific murders in America. (Credits)

Gang Murders (06:42)

MS-13 returns to Maryland and Virginia. Justin Juvenal tracks murders for "The Washington Post." Ten people ages of 15-21 kill Damaris Reyes Rivas in the middle of the day because they thought she lured Christian Sosa Rivas to his death.

Search for Murder Suspects (03:12)

Venus Romero Iraheta returns after being reported missing by her mother; police interrogate her about the death of Rivas. Listen to Iraheta's confession.

Gang Intervention (06:34)

The prosecutor speculates on Iraheta's mindset while killing Rivas; Iraheta pleads guilty. Members of "Street Outreach Network" discuss trying to stop Rivas from entering MS-13. Unaccompanied minors are vulnerable to recruitment.

Murder Means Status (04:26)

Weapons confiscated from MS-13 include machetes, knives, and guns. When involved in a murder, gang members achieve a higher level within the gang. Lisa Ling accompanies an operations and arrest for four individuals wanted for assault.

Informants (05:12)

A gangster's tip leads to the successful prosecution of 12 members of the Park View Crazies. Ken Compher negotiates deals; the gang greenlights known informants. Ranks for MS-13 include "paro," "lookout," "chequeo," and "homeboy."

Leaving MS-13 (05:38)

Pastor Bonilla describes once pledging his life to the gang until discovering Jesus in jail. He now helps rehabilitate members through evangelical conversions—an acceptable excuse for departing the gang.

Preying on Young Women (04:48)

Some girls become date members or are forced into sex trafficking rings. Emily from the "Street Outreach Network" mentors teenagers who are vulnerable to recruitment. Levels of violence are becoming more extreme.

Iraheta's Perspective (03:04)

Iraheta's lawyer discovers she was abducted, raped, and beaten after her disappearance. Iraheta answers Ling's interview questions in writing. Iraheta feels guilty about Rivas' death and is not a gang member; she receives a 40 year prison sentence and is not eligible for parole. (Credits)

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The Myth of MS-13

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Thirteen years after first reporting on the world’s most dangerous gang, Lisa Ling returns to the ultraviolent world of MS-13.

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