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Introduction: The Mediums of Lily Dale (02:02)


Denelson visits a medium who says she is visited by a spirit who committed suicide. Every year thousands flock to Lily Dale to discuss the dead. (Credits)

Visiting a Medium (04:58)

Tony believes he is responsible for his son's death. Tony struggles with whether the car accident was intentional. Joe and his father attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Tony gets sober. In Lily Dale, women claim they hear noises from beyond the grave.

Haunted Hotel? (03:06)

The hotel has reported cases of children, strong smells, and doors slamming. Lisa Ling attends a speed dating event to find a medium. People are looking for a connection, reassurance, and closure.

Believer Perspective (04:37)

Carinne recommends shutting off the rational mind and allowing feelings to guide you. Mediums send messages from the departed to their loved ones. Yeini wants answers about whether her father killed himself or was murdered.

Yeini's Reading (04:15)

Sharon provides specific details about Yeini's father and his death and says he wants her to let it go. The reading surprises Yeini. She believes her father told her what she wanted to hear.

Supernatural Power (02:26)

Over 400 register mediums have served in Lily Dale since 1879. Certain people are born with gifts, but anyone can learn. Experiencing trauma or specific events wakes up a medium.

Ling's Reading (06:42)

Ling invites her sister Laura to join her reading with a medium; she hopes to hear from her grandmother. Ling has trouble recognizing signs. They listen to a recording of their grandmother. Ling's dad does not understand the medium's references.

Search for Closure (04:44)

Tony is haunted by whether his son's death was an accident or suicide and travels to Lily Dale. Tony, his wife Connie, Ling, and others attend a message service. The group attends the weekly drum circle.

Tony's Reading (06:12)

Willa opens with a prayer, explains how Joe's passing was not intentional, and reassures Tony that he should not feel guilty. Joe does not want to be Tony's excuse for not moving forward.

Spiritual Hearing (02:41)

Tony and Connie attend a service to help let go of their torment and forgive themselves. People come for a reason to Lily Dale. Laura sees butterflies just as the medium predicted. (Credits)

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The Mediums of Lily Dale

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Lisa Ling travels to the Lily Dale Assembly, a cozy lakeside village in upstate New York, that is a community of mediums.

Length: 42 minutes

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