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Fathers' Rights (01:35)


In the heart of New York City, fathers are marching with thousands of women. Show me what democracy looks like. Who are fired up. It is an exciting time to be a father right now. I mean, we still have a long way to go in terms of pay equity. And equal representation, among other things. But the fathers' rights movement is in effect.

Grievances About Women (03:06)

The Manosphere is a group of men who have taken to the internet to express grievances about women. They are suspicious of newcomers and have refused to film with journalists until now. They argue that women are not that smart and that the enemy wants to see men's heads on platters.

MGTOW: Enemy of Feminism (01:53)

Men feel threatened and controlled by women and believe that they are out to control men.

Divorce Court (02:09)

John is divorced and bitter and he thinks that all women are out to get men in divorce court. He's not happy with the way that family courts have turned fathers into visitors, and he blames women for this.

Fathers As Parents (03:02)

Fathers are less suited to be parents than mothers, according to some studies, but there are also many fathers who are able to successfully raise children.

Protection Orders (02:59)

Protection orders are used to shield victims of domestic violence from their abusers. In the order Jake's wife wrote, he went through dangerous mood swings. She said he blocked her internet access and tried to obstruct her from driving away with their kids. A sheriff knocked on Jake's front door and escorted him from the house.

Child Custody (02:42)

A man is struggling to get 50/50 custody of his kids after his ex-wife filed 23 legal motions against him. He's spent all his savings on lawyers and can only see his kids through a written request to his ex-wife.

Divorced Men (03:58)

A divorced man's refrigerator has a mortar on the top shelf and beer on the bottom.

Collateral Damage (02:34)

In 2009, Carlos cheated on his wife and had a nervous breakdown. As a result, he was ordered to pay $9,000 a month in child support and maintenance.

Failure to Make Payments (01:45)

A man falls behind on child support payments and is threatened with jail time. He turns to his former patients for help but is unable to make enough progress to pay his child support. His ex-wife takes him to court for contempt of failure to pay child support.

Prison for Dads (01:36)

Carlos Rivera is an amazing father, doctor, and person who should not be in jail.

Debt Impact (01:46)

A dad is in debt up to his eyeballs and it's making it difficult for him to be an effective father.

Preparing for Fatherhood (05:07)

A single dad struggles to balance work and parenting. Despite his best efforts, he feels like he's missing out on important moments with his son.

Revisiting Family (03:07)

A man is trying to spend time with his son but the system is preventing him from doing that.

Mom's Visitation Weekend (01:05)

A father drives his son to see his mother, who is in a different city. The father reflects on how much he loves his son and how much he will miss him.

Estranged From His Children (02:31)

A man becomes estranged from his children after a divorce. He reaches out to a man who is also estranged from his children for support.

Credits (00:40)


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