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Gender Differences (02:00)


Gender can be fluid, and some people identify as nonbinary.

Gender Revolution (01:43)

There is a revolution going on in how we think about gender, and it is being fueled by kids like 14 year old Elena who are posting online about their own experiences and identities. Elena identifies as agender, which means that they do not subscribe to being male or female.

Elena's Dad (02:00)

Gender identity is not limited to just male or female, and is instead a spectrum. This is changing the way an entire generation sees itself. Chandler, a 19-year-old agender person, is making big changes in the real world by starting weekly injections of the male hormone testosterone.

Hormone Treatment Consent (01:28)

Chandler is taking testosterone to help them feel more like themselves. The hormones have caused them to grow a deeper voice and more facial and body hair. They hope to eventually use gender neutral pronouns to reflect their agender identity.

Gender Revolution Support Group (02:59)

A group of transgender and nonbinary youth explore their gender identities and sexual orientations. They feel safe to explore their identities in a supportive group setting, but outside of the group they face challenges. Riley, a 19-year-old trans guy, has received death threats for being trans.

Coming Out to Parents (01:53)

Chandler came out to their parents as agender three years ago, and it was a turning point for their relationship. Chandler's mom reacted positively. Chandler finds it easy to use pronouns correctly.

Parental Support Important (01:55)

Parents who support their children's gender identity are more likely to be happy. Parents who don't support their children's gender identity are more likely to be unhappy.

Fashion Trailblazer EJ Johnson (03:10)

EJ Johnson is a genderfluid person who doesn't identify as a man or woman. His father is basketball star Magic Johnson.

The Turning Point for EJ (01:04)

EJ was born a boy, but always felt like a girl. After elementary school, his parents learned he was transgender and supported him through his transition. He is now a happy and successful adult.

Gender-bending Fashion (02:26)

Designer EJ Johnson is breaking boundaries by creating a fashion line that celebrates gender-bending style. His empowering clothes allow everyone to feel great about how they look.

Steve and Olivia (06:29)

A man reveals that he is gender fluid and dresses like a woman sometimes to connect with his feminine side. He is afraid of how people will react if they find out.

Gender Fluid Steve (06:18)

When Steve came out as gender fluid, it made their relationship stronger. They are raising their son to be accepting and understanding of different types of families. He talks about how he fluctuates on a spectrum between male and female.

EJ's Fashion Shoot (02:45)

EJ is a fashion photographer who is breaking down barriers in the industry. He is gender bending, which is something that is celebrated by Paper Magazine.

A Liberating Choice (02:09)

Gender fluidity is a term used to describe a person who does not identify with a single gender. This person may identify as both male and female, neither male nor female, or somewhere in between.

Feminism and Identity (01:31)

Gender identity is more fluid than ever before, and that's OK. You don't have to have all the answers right away, but it's important to have someone to grow with.

Gender Flux (02:01)

Chandler and Xander met a few years ago, but didn't start dating until they reconnected. They are now engaged and have a dog together. Chandler proposed to Xander with a custom ring that has a diamond on one side and an emerald on the other to represent their genders.

Credits (00:10)


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