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Maintaining Culture (08:26)


Tuareg women play the imzad, a single stranded lute; men sing about heroic warriors. Fatima Alamine makes imzads in Tamanrasset, Algeria. It is traditionally played during courtship meetings.

"Save the Imzad" Project (07:11)

The Tuareg trace their ancestry back to Queen Tin Hinan. Few women in Tamanrasset continue to play the Imzad; UNESCO adds it to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. Farida Sellal creates a non-governmental organization dedicated to preserving culture and music.

Blending New and Traditional Instruments (07:00)

In Tamanrasset, older more experienced players teach others how to play the imzad. Takhemkhemt celebrates ancient warriors. Dar Imzad offers free monthly performances; the imzad band incorporates guitars.

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Algeria's Imzad Women

Part of the Series : Inside Africa - Series 3
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The women who are working to bring back the imzad's music and mastery as Algeria's Tuareg abandon their nomadic lifestyle to live in cities, forgetting its traditions and talents.

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