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Endurance Swimmer and Ocean Conservationist (06:25)


This episode will feature two eco-warriors who are making a difference in South Africa. Garbage pollutes the oceans and affects every beach in the world. Sarah Ferguson explains why she stopped swimming competitively and founded Breathe Conservation.

Open Water Swim: Clarke Bay (04:13)

Ferguson discusses swimming the perimeter of Easter Island in collaboration with Plastic Oceans International. She enjoys speaking at schools to educate youth and inspire change. Daily choices will make an impact.

Sea the Bigger Picture (06:31)

Shamier Magmoet cleans the ocean as he free dives and teaches children about biodiversity. The value of the ocean is life; every breath comes from the ocean. The world is one community and need to work together to initiate change.

Underwater Clean Up (05:47)

Sea the Bigger Picture hosts scuba divers, youth, and free divers at the Royal Cape Yacht Club. The ocean will be destroyed if humans do not initiate change. Students filter found pieces into recyclables, non-recyclables, and perishables.

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Ocean Conservation in South Africa

Part of the Series : African Voices, Series 5
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Endurance swimmer Sarah Ferguson goes the distance to clean up the ocean she loves; freediver Shamier Magmoet teaches kids how to protect the deep blue sea for a cleaner future.

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