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Introduction: The Two Faces of Kim Jong Un (02:50)


President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un meet at a summit. North Korea looks like a black hole from space because it emits little light.

Rise to Power (04:16)

Un inherits the dictatorship after his father, Kim Jong-il dies; critics believe him too young and inexperienced to command. Mourners react when captured on camera; propaganda is paramount to regime survival. North Korea has one television station and it is run by the government.

Eliminating Threats (04:42)

In "Our Neighbors," friends dance when missiles attack American targets. Scientists who create nuclear weapons are the reason Un meets with President Trump. Jang Song-Thaek is executed because he clapped halfheartedly at a meeting for Un.

Foreign Relations (04:31)

Un worries that China wants a regime change before he creates a relationship with Xi Jinping. President Trump negotiates with the dictator. Joseph Stalin names Kim Il-Sung the leader during the Cold War; more than one million North Koreans die during the Korean War.

North Korean Dictatorship (04:17)

Jung-Il is prone to mood swings and creates propaganda, making Kim Il-Sung a God. A kidnapped South Korean actress and her movie director husband are forced to make movies. The North Korean economy collapses when flooding destroys crops.

The North Korea No One Knows (07:21)

In Pyongyang, citizens enjoy new waterparks, amusement rides, entertainment shows, and luxury apartments. Only the most loyal are chosen to live in the capital. Jong Un is running out of money; half the population is hungry and lacks clean water and electricity.

The Worst Case Scenario (04:45)

Un is unpredictable enough to launch a nuclear attack. Experts predict potential accidents that could lead to an escalation. China could enter the conflict.

How North Korea Got the Bomb (08:59)

The "Trinity" test begins the nuclear age. The Soviet Union gives North Korea technology and trains scientists in Russia. The CIA watches as North Koreans begin to build a nuclear reactor; Former President Jimmy Carter meets with Il-Sung and reaches a deal.

Fareed's Final Thoughts (03:44)

Trump and Un sign a joint statement but do not provide specifics or timelines. North Korea has preserved its dictatorship regime for over 70 years. Any deal that allows nuclear weapons will leave South Korea and Japan vulnerable; a treaty with inspections must be specific.

Credits: The Two Faces of Kim Jong Un (00:04)

Credits: The Two Faces of Kim Jong Un

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Fareed Zakaria addresses what he sees as the real reasons for Kim Jong Un's sudden transformation, fascinating stories of Kim Jong Un's father and grandfather, and how the fearsome North Korean propaganda machine was developed. Plus, the big questions: does Donald Trump really knows who he's dealing with and what does Kim Jong Un really want?

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