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Introduction: Ted Turner: Captain Planet (03:51)


Ted Turner is known as reckless, determined, and bold. The billionaire businessman wants to save the world. Initial projects include purchasing a baseball team and a struggling television satellite superstation.

Turner: Childhood (04:31)

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, Turner attends boarding school at the age of four. After the death of his sister at age 17, his father commits suicide. Turner is dedicated to bringing bison back from the brink of extinction; humans need to save the environment.

"History in Real Time" (08:22)

Turner dedicates the "Cable News Network" to America, changing the face of television. Critics believe CNN will fail. Turner begins to incorporate original environmental documentaries with Jacques Cousteau, Harlem Brundtland, and Al Gore.

Snow Crest Ranch (04:46)

Turner's bison herd is the largest private herd in the world. Neighbors worry the animals will not stay on his property and transmit diseases to their livestock. Bison help the growth of grasses that pull carbon dioxide out of the air.

Captain Planet (02:13)

Turner creates a cartoon character to help inform young people about protecting the environment. The Turner Foundation funds $400 million worth of projects.

Turner Foundations (06:45)

Capitalism and conservation are not mutually exclusive. Turner donates $1 billion to United Nations causes; Kofi Annan and Turner establish the UN Foundation. Learning to give is challenging because people love money.

Threats to the Media Empire (05:38)

After the AOL and Time Warner merger, Turner creates the Nuclear Threat Initiative with Sam Nunn. His business loses $10 million a day for two years. "Ted's Montana Grill" franchise opens.

Fighting Apathy and Greed (02:13)

By the year 2030, carbon emissions need to be cut by 50% or prolonged heat waves will occur.

Activism (06:45)

Climate change is a life or death issue. Turner suffers from Lewy body dementia. The environment is in the soul of all humans.

Credits: Ted Turner: Captain Planet (00:15)

Credits: Ted Turner: Captain Planet

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Those who know him and his environmental work best paint the picture of a Ted Turner often lost in the headlines, but no less important. Hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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