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San Francisco: Food Transformation (08:03)


Breakthroughs in technology create advances in public infrastructure. JUST develops a nugget with a live animal's stem cell; changing food consumption habits reduces carbon footprints. Other companies include Memphis Meats, Finless Foods, and New Age Meats.

Singapore: Water Consumption Reduction (06:10)

Access to natural water resources is becoming increasingly stressed. Researchers at Nanyang Technological University develop Carbon Fiber Aerogel to treat wastewater. WateROAM uses a filtration device to provide clean water across Southeast Asia.

London: Air Pollution Reduction (08:35)

Urban areas are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emission globally. Green Tomato uses a fleet of cars powered by hydrogen. AirLabs develops an in-car cleaning device to remove nitrogen dioxide gas.

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A super material is being used to recycle industrial water waste; a zero-emission hydrogen-powered vehicle is taken out for a spin; a new form of meat is being grown in a lab.

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