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Japan: Robotics (07:17)


The creators of Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers are approaching retirement age. Cyberdyne builds robots that work collaboratively with humans. "Hal" is a cyborg exoskeleton that helps individuals afflicted with mobility issues.

Japan: Public Transportation (03:07)

Most commuters in Tokyo use the train system. J.R. East incorporates artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things technologies to detect potential failures and delays. Japan's population is predicted to drop by 40 million people within 50 years.

Japan: Automated Vehicles (04:10)

Ascent Robotics tests a hybrid Lexus outfitted with sensors, cameras, and computers. Rain makes it difficult to detect potential obstacles. There are not enough young people to sustain Japan's growth.

Japan: Virtual Reality (04:27)

The University of Tokyo teaches older adults how to shoot and edit 360-degree films. Senior citizens are unable to move or travel. Silverwood helps educate individuals about dementia using VR technology.

Japan: Gaming (04:05)

Enhance Games produces rebooted Tetris and Rez Infinite games using VR technology. The X1 gives users an experience using synesthesia.

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Will Ripley explores how Japan is adapting to new challenges and using technology to find solutions for its aging population and beyond.

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