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Brewster's Craft: Johannesburg (05:02)


This video will explore emerging businesses. Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela is a female brewmaster. Her company is currently at 50% capacity but can produce up to 20,000 liters a month. Sorghum is a key grain in South African culture.

Fry Family Business: Durban (04:10)

Dee Gravett sells Fry's plant-based burgers at Afro's Chicken Shop in Durban. Wally Fry describes his inspiration to create a product that mimics meat. The company employs 300 employees and exports to over 20 countries.

Mami Wata: Cape Town (04:22)

Surfing is a popular sport in South Africa. Apish Thsethsa works for "Waves for Change." Nick Dutton discusses his inspiration for creating a local homemade brand that exports goods to five countries.

Livestock Wealth: KwaZulu-Natal (04:14)

The farm outside of Durban participates in crowd-farming; it is the largest provider of free-range beef in South Africa. Ntuthuko Shezi discusses founding the organization. Investors have purchasing options and receive a percentage after the sale of the animal.

Triggerfish Animation: Cape Town (04:55)

This company creates African original 3-D animation content, including "Adventures in Zambezia," "Khumba," "Zog," "Seal Team," and "Mama K's Team 4." The studio culture is alive and young. Hollywood is critical that South Africans can produce quality work.

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In the Making: South Africa

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Crowd-farming apps to meatless burger makers - meet some of the most dynamic businesses in South Africa and get a glimpse into established and burgeoning industries in the country.

Length: 23 minutes

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