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Montreux Jazz Festival (07:38)


Artists do not need to portray an authentic version of Africa but should expand expectations and ideas. Seun Kuti discusses his father's influence; music has no culture or religion. "The Native" Editor-in-Chief Seni Saraki discusses establishing an exhibition on the history of Nigerian music.

Venice Biennale (06:53)

Nana Oforiatta Ayim discusses inspirations for the Ghana Pavilion. The Venice Biennale will showcase emerging artists on an international platform. Art should deepen an African's understanding of his or her place in modernism.

Cannes Film Festival (03:42)

Film is an expressive and widely distributed medium. Mati Diop discusses winning the Grand Prix for "Atlantics" and directing in Wolof, a language she does not speak.

Music and Film (04:26)

Films can build empathy on a level few arts can reach. Blitz Bazawule discusses emotional motifs within "The Burial of Kojo." People need to understand the impact of image.

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Filmmakers, artists, and musicians from Africa played a prominent role at some of the world’s most established international cultural celebrations in 2019.

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