Segments in this Video

Introduction—Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living (03:09)


This segment orients viewers to the wildlife sanctuary that aims to help people and wolves.

Mission Wolf (03:43)

The wolf sanctuary, located in the Colorado Mountains, houses 30 wolves and volunteers from around the world. Founder Kent Weber discusses workplace dynamics. Mike and Rachel feed the wolves and reflect on their work.

Sanctuary Volunteers (07:42)

Mike, Will, Kia, Nate, and Rachel reflect on their past and life at the sanctuary. Weber discusses opening the sanctuary and welcoming visitors free of charge.

Animal Ambassadors (01:51)

Weber tours the country every fall, bringing people into contact with wolves. He recalls Rami interacting with a WWII veteran and invalid children.

Feeding Predators (04:06)

The sanctuary often sources horses or livestock from ranchers that the volunteers then process for feeding the wolves. Will and Kia deliver "guts" to the wild.

Sanctuary Dynamics (04:56)

Nate, Kia, and Mike reflect on leadership at the sanctuary and communal living. Mike talks to Will about feeding the wolves. Kia discusses "thinking like a mountain."

Summer Break (04:04)

Weber takes the staff out for their first break. He discusses his family history and starting Mission Wolf; being helpful makes one feel worthwhile.

Human and Animal Relationships (06:05)

Rachel educates visitors about wolves, including Soleil and Orion. She reflects on building mutual trust and influence with wolves and people. Volunteers discuss sanctuary projects, hierarchy, conflict, and competition.

Leaving the Sanctuary (07:06)

Kia and Nate prepare to travel; Kia reflects on building relationships. Will stays busy to cope with his emotions. Rachel is taking a two-month break. Mike reflects on personal growth. Kent wants to foster education and connections.

Credits: Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living (01:16)

Credits: Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living

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Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living

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Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living is the story of rescued wolves on wild lands in Colorado and the volunteers who keep them alive. The stunningly beautiful hills near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the home of the wolf refuge by the name of Mission: Wolf. It is an odd place—off the grid, snowed in during the winter, run by an often-changing group of young people who strive to have a small footprint on the planet and to nurture themselves as they nurture the wolves. As Will, one of the volunteers, says, “You can be healed in whatever way you need to be.” However, it’s not always easy. The outside world intrudes in unexpected ways, and power dynamics from American society find their way into the refuge, causing confusion and interpersonal struggle. The film will appeal to viewers interested in how wilderness impacts people and people impact wilderness. It’s also deeply about wolves, what’s left of wildness in the West of our country, and how an experiment in living impacts any of us who strive to leave mainstream urban life behind.

Length: 45 minutes

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