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Aspire to Victorian Values (06:49)


The Victorian period was a time of great change and progress in British society. There was a dramatic increase in population due to the Industrial Revolution, and great advances were made in engineering, education, and medicine. The era also saw the emergence of some of Britain's greatest writers and artists, and the British people achieved a number of notable military victories.

Rural Poverty in the 19th Century (05:47)

Life was hard for the lower classes in the early 1800s. They worked long hours for little pay and their diet was very poor. Conditions began to improve in the 1840s with the repeal of the Corn Law.

Cradle of the Industrial Revolution (05:51)

The Industrial Revolution had a number of negative effects on Victorian society including the development of slums and the spread of disease.

Crime and Homelessness in London (05:14)

The Society for Improving the Condition of the Laboring Classes found damning evidence of overcrowding and homelessness in London.

Poor Houses (06:13)

Dickens' workhouse is a scathing indictment of a society, which if it ever knew its failings, for the most part never cared.

Theme of Oliver Twist (03:13)

Dickens' workhouse description culminates in the memorable scene in which Oliver Twist, driven half mad with hunger, dares to ask for more. The boys suffer the tortures of slow starvation for three months.

Victorian Daily Life (04:27)

The middle class in Victorian society was not strictly defined. It consisted of people who had earned a good living such as doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. They enjoyed lavish productions of the theater and visits to music halls.

Victorian High Society (04:03)

The landed gentry; naval officers, army officers, and members of parliament were the power behind Britain in the Victorian era. They controlled much of the wealth of the country and were largely unaffected by the major upheavals that were going on.

Victorian Railways and Social Changes (06:50)

The Victorian era was a time of great progress and technological advances. The railways system was expanded, public utilities were improved, and social reforms were enacted.

Involvement in World Affairs (06:22)

The Victorian era was a time of great change and progress in Britain. The country saw immense growth in industry, technology, and exploration. The era was also marked by great poverty and inequality.

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