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The End of Romantic Age (05:35)


The death of Lord Byron in 1824 marks the end of English poetry's Romantic age. The Victorian age saw the increasing popularity of the novel, with the works of Dickens, Thackeray, Trollope, and many others.

Melancholy Tennyson (03:18)

Tennyson's ideals are always doomed at profound levels which makes for a melancholy poetry.

The Journey Was By Sea (02:24)

The poem is about Tennyson's friend who died, and how the breaking of the waves reminds him of his grief. The poem is simple but is actually a rather tricky, complicated, ingenious poem. It speaks very immediately and yet it is actually a rather complicated poem.

I Have These Still and I Rejoice (04:21)

Tennyson's In Memoriam is a long poem made up of separate lyric moments, most of which were written before he became famous. It is his greatest work.

Idylls of the King (09:52)

Robert Browning was a Victorian poet whose work was initially unpopular but is now recognized as some of the finest of the era. He was particularly associated with the dramatic monologue, a form which he developed and which has been influential on 20th century poetry.

The Poetry of Matthew Arnold (02:59)

Matthew Arnold was a Victorian poet whose work is characterized by a seriousness and sobriety of tone. He was influenced by the Romantics, particularly Wordsworth, and wrote elegies and other poems exploring the sadness and melancholy of life.

Dover's Dover Beach (02:54)

Matthew Arnold was a Victorian poet and critic who wrote about the importance of culture. He was a melancholy man who felt alienated from the modern world.

Poet Algernon Charles Swinburne (05:48)

Swinburne was a poet and member of the English aristocracy who lived a dissolute lifestyle. His poetry was rhythmically powerful and divided Victorian opinion.

In a Coign of the Cliff (05:30)

Swinburne was a wild, hedonistic, and sexually promiscuous Victorian poet, while Hopkins was a deeply religious and reclusive one. Swinburne's poetry is characterized by its exuberance and passion, while Hopkins's is more introspective & metaphysical.

Free Verse Rhythms (04:09)

The speaker in this poem is lamenting how dark and depressing his life is. Despite this, he recognizes that his experiences have made him who he is, and he speaks of these experiences with reverence.

Hopkins: Honorary Modernist (02:44)

Hopkins was a Victorian poet who wrote about spiritual things in a unique way. He was published after the first World War and his work has been influential on later poets.

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